My 1st Downtown

  1. Hi, been "lurking" in this thread for a while... and just wanna show my 1st Downtown... loving it to bits!
    YSL_1.jpg YSL_2.jpg
  2. very nice! chocolate deerskin? I haven't seen the deerskin in person yet. Are you using it for an everyday bag?
  3. congrats!!!!enjoy it...
  4. Congratulations! The deerskin is so versatile and lightweight, I'm sure you'll be using it for years to come!
  5. Congratulations! It's a great bag. Love this color.
  6. :tup:Congrats!
  7. Congrats, it's just wonderful ;)!
  8. thanks all! less than a month since this purchase and i'm already eyeing a muse in black!
  9. Beautiful Bag !!!
    Congrats !!!!!
  10. Congrats. Beautiful bag.
  11. love it!
  12. i want to buy downtown too.