My 1st Coffer!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yesterday I received a call from the local MiuMiu store asking me to collect my long waitlisted coffer bag..... :wlae: I was so excited as I have waited 3 over weeks for her to arrive. Immediately at the store, I transfered all my stuffs and use her immediately...(cant wait).

    Without further adieu, here's my pixs with her.. oh yes there is a pix where I put my LV fleur keycharm on her.Doesn she look gorgeous?!! :tender:
    coffer.jpg coffer2.jpg coffer3.jpg coffer1.jpg coffer4.jpg
  2. Congratulations, it looks gorgeous on you! And I agree, the LV keychain looks sooo cute on it, i love bag charms! Enjoy her!
  3. Congrats! Gorgeous bag with a very cute LV keychain! :yahoo:
  4. OMG OMG, Congrats! What a gorgeous bag! You look great wearing her! :tup:
  5. you look great wearing the bag, and i have the fleurs as well. :love:
  6. Yep, she's gorgeous! Very pretty ~ I LOVE Coffers! Enjoy!!
  7. It's so pretty and looks great on you, too! Congrats!
  8. it's gorgeous and it looks great on you! congrats!
    p.s. the LV keychain looks so cute on it too!
  9. Congrats!!! Amazingly gorgeous!
  10. Congrats on the coffer! You wear it well and she looks great!!! Very chic! :supacool:
  11. congrats!! :biggrin:
  12. Is she black or green? You mean they are still having order lists? I was on the list for a silver a few months ago. took 2 weeks and I had thought I had to be on the list as it was not the regular colours. Yours looks like the green? It looks fabulous and just right on your frame! Can I check if the price moved up a lot since the new GST in place?
  13. Is black in color.. :yes: The price as at the day I reserved was b4 the GST hike and there was no change at all. Luckily, phew.:graucho:
  14. ^^ How much did you pay for your Coffer, if you don't mind sharing? :smile:
  15. Sure. I purchased it locally in SG at $2220.Quite hefty for a bag but i tell you, it was very well worth it given the lambskin is soooo soft:drool: