my 1st Coach wallet (medium size)

  1. Hi guys just want to share with u, my 1st Coach wallet which I bought before my 1st Coach bag #10403.

    I found that the wallet #40019 really matching with my Coach bag #10403. :heart: Love them so much :tup:

    I was late to post the pictures here... enjoy...:yes:
    modeling pic..
    clip the wallet leather strap into my pochette acc damier
    (look cute !!)
  2. I like the Zip around Coach Wallets--- It's easy to keep them closed when they are full. I have the same one in the larger version.
  3. Congrats on your wallet! I bought my first Coach wallet a couple of months ago. Its so nice to have...enjoy
  4. just like carla748, i LOVE the zip around wallets. just bought mine in the larger version. i love it because although it is big (lengthwise), it is not bulgy at all and you are guaranteed to have nothing falling out of your wallet!
  5. Congrats, it's so pretty!
  6. Love the wallet :tup: Thanks for sharing the pics ;)