My 1st Chevron.. :)

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  1. Finally I got my 1st Chevron..
    It's not something big, but I love the color sooo much.. [emoji4]

  2. Any guess ?

  3. Are we twinsies dear?? 💙💙
  4. twins!! I just got my first chevron a few days ago!
    Picture please!!!!
  5. Show us! Is it a chevron mini??:woot::woot::woot::woot:
  6. Wooooo can't wait, please show us !!!
  7. Tadaaaaa... My first ever... [emoji173]️
    My room light is so poor. I can't capture the beauty of this blue..
    At first i want mini. But I changed my mind.. WOC feels right for me now..
    Thank you for letting me share.. [emoji4]

  8. I change my mind.. I already have mini square and I can't wear it crossbody.. So I choose WOC instead.. [emoji4]

  9. I don't have chevron before and my hubby don't really like chevron style. That's why i decided to buy just small item, for the sake of my collection.. And lucky i found this beautiful blue color.. [emoji173]️
  10. I've seen that in store. It is a true beauty!!!
  11. Love it!!! I can't wait to get my first Chevron piece too :smile: Congrats & Enjoy!!!
  12. Pure perfection! congrats!
  13. I LOVE this blue! And the chevron. I've seen this in the pink and black up close and it seems to be really, REALLY well made -- congrats!
  14. Beautiful!! Love your collection!!
  15. Love the chevron, congrats!
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