My 1st chanel

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  1. hello everyone,

    just want to share my 1st purchase with all of you :smile:

    Attached Files:

  2. oh so beautiful, congrats sweety, enjoy!
  3. OMG Beautiful!! what size is that? and action shots!!! :smile:
  4. thanks fannaticsydney and misstrashe

    its a 226... hk's having typhoon signal 8 today, so will take some modelling shots tomorrow when i get to go out :yes:
  5. wow congrats!!! pretty bag.
  6. Great bag! (Aren't you loving the typhoon 8?? ;) )
  7. yup yup....

  8. yay. that bag is beautiful. makes me want to go to chanel tomorrow!
  9. Yes, its definitely a nice purchase after my 1 yr purse ban got officially lifted this month!! Yeah!!
  10. Very pretty! OMG 1 year purse ban?! How did you do it?????
  11. Oooooo, that is such a pretty bag!! Never saw this style before:confused1:

    Congrats & wear in good health!! :flowers:
  12. Pretty bag! I like that style!
  13. congrats on your first chanel.:tup::tup:
  14. Congrats! I like it's color, is it call metallic gray?
  15. A beautiful first Chanel! love it. Congrats.