My 1st Chanel...the addiction/obsession now begins!

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  1. Hi!
    I have been hanging out around tPF for some time now but mainly as a lurker/researcher and now I can finally contribute! This is my 1st Chanel item besides a decent collection of Chanel costume jewelry. I'll post some pics of those in the respective thread when I get a family pic. Attached is a quick reveal of my new purchase!

    The background story is I have been eying this for the past couple of months but since I was getting married at the end of summer, all my spending money was going towards the wedding. Now that the wedding is over (I feel happy and sad by the way), I can treat myself! For me and DH's mini-moon (aka short honeymoon preceding actual honeymoon) we went to San Francisco for a few days to see family. I was in the Chanel boutique near Union Square and asked to take a look at the item and they told me the price. Turns out it's cheaper in Canada as I had checked the local Chanel boutique in Canada before leaving for the mini-moon.

    Ta-da. Here it is...

    Black Caviar Timeless WOC with silver hardware.

    Now I am obsessed with Chanel purses..the craftsmanship...the obsession begins for the next item on my "want" list, especially now that wedding planning is over... I have heaps of time on my hands :yahoo:

    Picture 001.jpg Picture 002.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 005.jpg Picture 006.jpg
  2. Oh wow very nice and congratulations
  3. Nice! Congrats :love:
  4. love your timeless WOC. congrats!
  5. congrats on your first Chanel and your marriage! :smile:
  6. very beautiful:woohoo:
  7. Congrats!
  8. congrats and enjoy it...
  9. Nice! Congrats!! Love it, classic
  10. Congrats!!! Great buy for your first Chanel!.... Now begins the slippery slop of the chanel obsession! :graucho:
  11. Congrats on your new WOC, it's pretty :smile:
  12. Love it! Congrats!
  13. Congratulations :smile: I like you WOC.
  14. Thank you everyone! I am trying to decide now what my next purchase will be. I am thinking of a classic Jumbo flap or a GST
  15. Congrats on the first of your many Chanels to come!