My 1st Chanel, Please Tell Me What You Think!

  1. Hello! This is my first Chanel! It's the XL Red (I don't know the exact name) GST! A gorgeous red. I got it preloved in like new condition. I love the size and it's surprising very light. I was a bit concerned with the handles because I've read that they won't stay on your shoulder.
    All my bags are very slouchy so this is my first very structured bag. Will it lose its shape over time?
    I also love the Celine Phantom In Tan. Should I keep my first Chanel or return it for the Celine? Please tell me what you think.
    IMG_3713.jpg IMG_2745.jpg IMG_7379.jpg IMG_7541.jpg
  2. More pics!
    IMG_1769.jpg IMG_6584.jpg
  3. Celine Phantom in Tan
  4. Modeling shots!
    IMG_6488.jpg IMG_6494.jpg
  5. It is an absolutely gorgeous RED GST and looks great on you! I would not exchange it for the Celine tote.
  6. I really like it and I love the color...I would keep it! It looks great on you and looks great with the outfit you have on.....
  7. Thank you for your input!
  8. You're sweet, thank you :smile:
  9. congrats on your first chanel!
    love the gst on you! it looks really good with your whole ensemble.
    having said that, i also really like the phantom!
    i think that the phantom and the gst are so different though, that maybe you could just get both? lol :lol:
    i probably didn't help, but you can definitely rock the gst!
  10. You are right, they are totally different! If you can only keep one, which would you keep?
  11. ^ I agree!
    The GST and Phantom are very different bags. I know you want a Phantom, so I would save up for the Phantom and keep the GST..Its too pretty to return!
  12. I think u look v gorgeous in this red gst... The color n the style suits u very well:smile: should keep it:smile:
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    I would probably keep the phantom as it is a neutral colour and more understated, hence it would probably be easier to match with outfits. Whereas the gst is more of a statement bag and could clash with outfits, so it depends what look you are going for I guess :smile:

    But either way, the gst still looks good on you! :p
  14. OMG! That Chanel bag is to die for! I absolutely love it the color is just amazing.
  15. I have both the GST and the phantom, the truth in phantom are very heavy, too heavy for daily use in my opinion, I only use it when I travel as a luggage. The chanel might be more useful.