My 1st Chanel Handbag in my life

  1. Hey everyone :smile: Im going 2buy my 1st Chanel handbag in order to celebrate graduation. My target prices around 500 pounds. :sad: Could you give me some guides plz? foto with price will be sooooo kind. Thanks a lot! :heart::heart:
  2. ^ i think you may be able to get the sequin flap at that price. a clutch. hm..that's all i know.
  3. Hi Milla, You could get a pochette from the Cotton Club line which is around $795USD (which is under 500 pounds). You could check in the reference library, there are pictures and prices of lots of bags posted there... Here's a link to the Cotton club pochette I mentioned. Under that thread, there is a black and a bronze one.

    Good luck and congrats on your graduation :smile:
  4. Congrats Milla, what a great feeling that is to get your first Chanel bag.

    I agree with Jen, you should be able to get a pochette for under $800 USD.

    Let us know what you get. Good luck.
  5. The timeless clutch is a nice bag as well and is around that price.
  6. The timeless clutch:
  7. Keep us posted on what you get? Have fun shopping!!:tup:
  8. Ooooh yes, get the timeless clutch, gorgeous :tup:
  9. love the clutch!! get it!!

    i think the soft and chain pouchette is within your budget as well. good luck!
  10. Congrats on your graduation!!!I still remembered how excited I was when i got my first chanel!!!
  11. Agree with everyone on Timeless Clutch & Cotton Club Pouchette.

    Congrats Milla on your graduation. Keep us updated on your choice. =)
  12. The Timeless Clutch is gorgeous!
  13. how much is the timeless clutch
    im thinking on getting it
  14. & im just wondering
    i live in the US
    will i be able to get the cotton club pouchette
    in any stores
  15. Congrats on graduating soon! Good luck finding the perfect bag!