My 1st Chanel but is it me?

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  1. Firstly Hi Chanel Lovers, this is my 1st post here.

    For Xmas my BF surprised me with a Chanel bag and purse. I like Chanel but never really thought it was for me before. I love the purse but just don't know about the bag. I appreciate that it is a lovely bag but I can't seem to get excited about it.

    Can anyone tell me a bit more about it, is this the classic, from what i've seen here they don't have the leather bit on the strap. The box says SAC CLASS RABAT.

    If you guys love it and can educate me on the wonders of Chanel maybe it will get me a bit more excited about it...

    Would you wear this bag during the day or is it a dressing up & going out kind of bag?

    Some pics




  2. I believe it's called Icon Bag? (Or something close to it. Sac Class Rabat is just a name put on practically all the Chanel flap bag boxes) I think it's good for both day and night. What don't you like about it? I think it's cute~

    Oh, and of course I also love your camellia wallet.
  3. Wow, that's a hot bag! It's still evocative of the timeless classics but has a bit of an edge to it. I love the camellia wallet too - not easy to find.
  4. Wow! The icon flap! I love this bag! :love: I think it's perfect for everyday use. It's such a gorgeous twist on a classic bag. Enjoy!
  5. the purse is gorgeous and so is the handbag!!
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Love the bag!
  7. That was really sweet of him! I think it will add an edge to your outfits and it's hot! Plus it is a variation of the classic flap bag, can't go wrong with that.
  8. I think it's cute~ Very great! I think Chanel works on most anyone, it has that timeless look that either wonderfully contrasts your current trends or embraces your classic look.
  9. om my goodness, IT'S SOOOO GORGEOUS! I have never seen anything like that! It's different but classic, kwim?
  10. i think it's very pretty and can also dress up or down with this bag :smile:
  11. that wallet is gorgeous in that color.
  12. I love them BOTH!! Congratulations you are lucky to have found both!! :smile:
  13. Congrats, I think your BF did fabulous!
  14. Thanks everyone, have been looking at the Chanel in action thread and am convinced Chanel is not for me, everyone looks so glam. I'm short and frumpy in comparison:sad:
    I think that's why i'm not sure about Chanel, it looks really elegant and i'm so much more casual. Am going to try it on with some different outfits and see if I can pull it off.
  15. The beauty of Chanel is that it can be dressed up or down.. :tup:. Btw.. the items are gorgeous~! Your bf has great taste~!