my 1st Chanel bag. Cavier or Lamb skin, and how much (USD)

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  1. Hey Chanel lovers, I am planning to get my 1st Chanel bag soon, I will go for the classsic jumbo black, still couldn't decide between the Cavier and lamb skin. I live in NZ, unforturntly, we don't have Chanel store here:tdown:. So I have to get it from HK or USA, Can anyone help me with the price? and where will be cheaper to get? How about Europe? Thanks girls:smooch:
  2. I believe the States has the lowest price. How do you go about ordering from other countries anyway? I am always curious :P
  3. thanks ladies. can't wait to get my 1st bag!!!:woohoo: chanel here I come
  4. That's is, phone order??? How come i never thought of that :nuts: Thank you much more question tho....even if you have a Chanel store in town, you can still order it from another country to take advantage of cheaper price? Or they won't do that for you :P
  5. You can order from another country but be aware that you have customs/duty fees and sales tax and shipping cost.

    Remember to do your reveals!
  6. To Mimster: Do you mean I can order from one of the SA, they will arrange the post for me to NZ? Thanks
  7. Will definitely do the reveal when i get the bag :yahoo:my DH gonna go crazy when he finds out why am i always on the phone...ieieieie
  8. Even with the recent priceincrease?
  9. i heard that the jumbo flap is OOS in the States.. in fact, someone told me that a brandnew flap is available on ebay US for more than the current retail price..
  10. for your first go for cavier