My 1st Chanel Arrived... FINALLY!!

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  1. ... CHANEL has always been my HG and i thought every girl should at least... have ONE Chanel... in her life... and it was gonna be one of my milestone bag... but after *accidentally* coming across a dark white hybrid on eBay i couldn't resist it anymore... and decided i should get one... right NOW... ... i'm so glad they released the hybrid cuz i luuuuuuuv the bijoux chain and the MM lock... so after all the postings on here and bombarding everyone around me with the size question and the color question... AND PMing many of you fellow tpfers... here she is!! a Medium Distressed Caviar Hybrid flap in Black.... and i absolutely adore it... Big THANK YOUs to everyone who PMed me their fav SA's contacts... ... i know you all have seen this bag many many many times... but i thought i must share my joy...
    DSC00495a.JPG DSC00498a.JPG DSC00502a.JPG DSC00508a.JPG
  2. :tup: Nice!
  3. congrats... beautiful bag.
  4. Congrats!! you have chosen a great bag as a first Chanel, and I must say you wear it so well, it looks perfect on you .... enjoy!!
    And, we are never tired of modelling pics .... so keep them coming, the more the merrier...
  5. You wear it well! Enjoy it!
  6. congrats on your first purchase!! great bag!!
  7. Congratulations!:yahoo: It looks fabulous on you.:nuts: This is the one that Brendan helped you with, correct? He's awesome.
  8. Looks so cute! This is the bag I am eyeing on next! Hehe, I'm a sucker for Chanel bags too, like everyone else :graucho: I love that pair of jeans you have on, what brand and style is it may I ask? TIA! ;)
  9. Love it and it looks great on you. Congrats on your first Chanel.
  10. omg it looks FANTASTIC on you! congrats!
  11. Its beautiful, congrats!
  12. Congrats! The bag is gorgeous and looks great on you!
  13. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    i love this bag to bits... i had a really hard time deciding on colors AND the size... but as much as i love the look of the dark white... i think i made the right choice to go with black... it's more *me*... and i think the large/med can take me from day to night... which is great...

    and special thanks to Smoothoprter and her great SA... YES... this is the bag brendan helped me with...

    ladydeluxe ... i'm wearing skinnys from Zara... got them when i was in HK last year :smile:
  14. Looks great on you!! COngrats
  15. Many congrats! I can feel your excitement in your post and you made an excellent choice for a first Chanel!