My 1st CHANEL and the SAGA behind it!!! *PICS*


Ya, but no.
Apr 17, 2006
50 1st Chanel.........and the story behind it........

<<PART 1>>

Well I've been coveting a Chanel bag forever. I have quite a collection of LV, none of them black. (Have always preferred brown...but something in me has been longing for a black bag!) And for some reason...when I think of a black bag...I think--CHANEL!!

I was going to buy my 1st Chanel before the price increase, but was still so unsure as to "should I?" "shouldn't I?" ...."should I just wait/think about it more?"......Ughh...I REALLY wanted to be sure.

So, on 12/23...I decide...."Ok, that's it...I've thought it over long enough. I want to go for it and buy my 1st Chanel." I tell dh...and he's like..."Let's go after we finish eating dinner.." (we were at our fav. restaurant)

So we leave the restaurant and drive out to SCP (in So. Calif.) We specifically go to see the Chanel I've been dreaming of....the GST w/ gold HW. They were out. Went to Bloomingdales Chanel...and they were out also. We decided to go back to Chanel and I tried on beige GST to see how it felt. LOVED IT!!:girlsigh:

So, I placed my order for the Black GST w/ gold HW. It was to be shipped from Hawaii, and the SA said I should have it by Sat. 12/29!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT........(the story takes a swift turn....!!!)

<<PART 2: The conclusion>>

Dh had been wanting to purchase an Xbox. (Well, they only had 1 at a Circuit City down in Newport Beach--which is a ways from us). So...DH purchases it online and tells me that the next morning (Xmas Eve) he and our son are going to go pick it up. I'm like.."ok" "whatever." "I got my Chanel on it's way Sat. I'm all happy.." :yahoo:

They get home and I come downstairs and Dh had placed a big Neiman Marcus box next to the tree. WT??!??!?!:wtf: Our daughters like.."Neiman Marcus?" Dh's like.."Ya, mom has to decide if she wants to open it or not." I'm like..."HUH!?!?!?!?" WHICH I DID!! (open that is!!)

Apparently...When dh and our son were out and got the XBOX they were next to Fashion Island and so they were like..."I wonder if there's a Chanel inside the Bloomingdales?" So they went to Bloomingdales...and no Chanel store. Then they were like...."Let's go ck out Neiman Marcus.." And yep, CHANEL inside the NM. They see a black, and also a white GST on display, and ask the SA if she had anymore in the back w/ gold HW. She comes out with a brand spanking new one!! They were all happy!! LOL...and SO WAS I!!

I was able to take it out for Xmas Eve that night to my in laws!! WHAT A GREAT SURPRISE!! :nuts:Pics below!! (sorry no modeling pics...too shy...:shame:smile:

Thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!