My 1st Céline Reveal

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  1. Hi, y'all! Hope you are all doing well. I have very exciting (well at least for me) reveal to share with you guys.I always want to be a part of this subforum and here I am doing my 1st Celine Reveal :cool:

    Little back story of how I got this bag.

    For this year, I am planning to get a 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli as it is on my wishlist for years and then next year I want to get a Celine its either Mini or Phantom not sure yet but I know I want one. So my birthday just pass a couple a week ago and I were about to get my Pashli but before doing so I have decided to do some window shopping first before committing to getting it. In my window shopping, my feet took me to a consignment store (one of many here in Hong Kong) that carried my nickname "Jade". I saw a green phantom 1st and asked the price w/c the SA (w/c happens to be the owner of the shop) answer my inquiry but while I'm inspecting the bag she quickly offer this other Celine Phantom she market it down for a valid reason.

    I didn't jumped on it and told her I want to sleep on it... I am obsessed and unable to sleep because I can't stop thinking about it. So the next morning, I texted the shop owner that don't sell the bag and I'm getting it! So I pay for it and then brought it to work hahaha!

    So now for the proper reveal.
    It's Céline Medium Phantom Luggage in Indigo w/ GHW
    Bought her a twilly [emoji5]️
    The owner offer me the bag for $1225 vs to it's original price of $3300. It's a brand new Celine Phantom but while on display in her shop it got wet by the leak from the ceiling. (She showed me the video just to give proof)
    I don't know if you can see from this photo that the right side of bag is bit darker compare to the left side. In person it's very hard to see the water mark that's why I decided to bit the bullet for this one [emoji16]

    What are your thoughts guys? & also do happen to know which season this color came out? Thanks[emoji16]

    Here's my poor attempt of doing a Handbag Reveal Video on YouTube [emoji23][emoji23][emoji39]

    Thanks guys for letting me share my reveal [emoji8]
  2. congrats! you got a great deal - enjoy your phantom!!

  3. Thanks luckybunny 🤗 it's been raining a lot lately here so hadn't got the use it but as soon the weather become clearer will definitely bust this baby out [emoji23]
  4. That is a beauty there! I really like Celine's indigo color and phantom is a great work and travel bag. Good choice. Before you pointed out the spot, it's really hard to see the water mark.

  5. Thanks Adrian! I'm loving the color too. Actually it is my 1st colored handbag because most of the time I gravitated to black bag but this indigo one makes extra excited to use it.
  6. For me I tend to pick black bags as well, but I think this shade of blue looks so great on guys and a pop of color for summer season.
  7. Gorgeous bag! Great deal! I LOVE the color!
  8. Gorgeous color! I too have sadly stayed awake mulling over bags. Glad you got a great deal, congrats!
  9. Awesome!!!!She's a beauty!!! Congratulations!!!
  10. What a beautiful shade of blue!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  11. A beauty! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful shade of blue! Congrats on your new bag 😊
  13. Gorgeous shade and what a great deal! Happy birthday!
  14. Gosh! Thanks everyone you are all a sweetheart. Will definitely do a mod shot as soon the sky clears and the raining stop.

    Yeah! Totally! I think its a good gender neutral color and definitely a sure pop of color.
  15. What a nice bag. Enjoy.
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