My 1st BV Buys!

  1. :yahoo:I'm finally back from HK with my loot! It took me a whole week to take the plunge and buy them..I visited the flagship stores in Harbourcity, Elements & The Landmark throughout the week..Best part? my hotel was located just next to Harbourcity. It was so crowded on the 1st night I got there and I held off buying till my last day in HK.

    Here are my babies! How can I make them smaller?


  2. Congrats on your beautiful buys! I love the nero veneta! :love:
  3. Thanks! I couldnt decide on the big or small..I was trying and trying...luckily I was the only one in the store. Got the full attention of the SA. By the way, I bought it @ Elements. Beautiful store!
  4. beautiful, congrats!!
  5. Thank You! Now I kinda regret not taking the plunge and buying the ball bag too! It was retailing @ $2.8k (SGD) , its about $3.7k (SGD) here! Aarrgghh! Its never enuff...
  6. yay!!! what color is your wallet?

    god, woven nero is so pretty :girlsigh::angel:
  7. Congrats on a wonderful classic piece as your first BV, pebz! I wonder, too, what is the color of your wallet?
  8. I absolutly love them!! I just ventured into the BV forum yesterday and have made up my mind to save up for a bag & wallet. I love your choices. I am interested in the veneta hobo (I think thats what its called). Is that what you purchased? I love your bag in black and the wallet too!
  9. What a lovely choice, pebz.. Is that Med or Large Veneta? I guess nero veneta will be my nexy quest...
  10. Bv makes nice small bags. You got good collection.
  11. The nero Veneta is woooooonderful! Congratulations, and you must give us the scoop on the wallet!
  12. Beautiful choices--congratulations on your first BV's!
  13. Love it, congrats!
  14. Many Congrats Pebz! Love the nero veneta and the green wallet looks amazing too! Enjoy!
  15. Thank you, everyone! Apologies on the camera quality. If I'm not wrong, it should be bronzo. A clearer shade of the color can be seen in the BV colors thread.