My 1st Bottega Bag: Special-Ordered Quarzo Montaigne!!

  1. I can't believe I just did this ... I FINALLY got my very first Bottega Veneta bag~~ It is a special ordered Quarzo Montaigne bag! I'll post some pictures when I have time ... Gotta clean the house first. Hehe. But it's sooo pretty! Plus I don't have to worry about it getting dirty as easily as the Magnolia. ^^
  2. :nuts: Yes, we need pics!
    Congratulations on your first BV....and it may not be your last...:graucho:
  3. Thanks!! Well it's going to have to be the last bag for this year ... I spent tooooo much in Jan and Feb so now I'm on a purse ban til the end of the year ... Several H bags plus a BV bag can really do some serious damage.

    Going to try to take some pictures tonight ... if not, it'll be early next week.
  4. Yay! Welcome to the soft cuddly bag side! PICTURES! :smile:
  5. Now I want to special order the Magnolia Montaigne in Gun Metal hardware ...
  6. I can't wait to see pics! :smile: Will you bring it with you to Phoenix for the H opening?
  7. Congrats! Welcome to the club :flowers: It's always so exciting to share someone's joy in getting her first BV :graucho:

    I love the soft boxy shape of the Montaigne. Btw what colour is Quarzo? :wondering
  8. I found out the colour of Quarzo - its what's known as bubblegum pink :yes: I saw a Montaigne in this colour in the boutique when I was last there and its gorgeous! This pink is a darker shade than the Magnolia and its more pink than Poudre (which has more lilac in it).

    I love the way the bag slouches. Please post pictures soon! :smile:
  9. Kou - WHERE ARE THE PICTURES???? Early next week? You're kidding us?!?! :amazed:

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Congratulations Kou.. u made the right decision!!
  11. You saw the same one at your boutique? Gosh dang it, my boutique said mine was the only one in the world, should've know it's too good to be true :p

    I really hope this bag doesn't end up slouching all over the place. One of the reasons I got the Montaigne is that it looks more structured than the other bags. I like structured bags and the only exception is the hobo, which IMO is supposed to slouch. :yes:

    I want to get one in Magnolia too but with Gun Metal hardware. I thought about getting one in poudre ostrich but they quoted me $6400 for that and I figure for that amount of money, I better save it.:shame:
  12. Yeah, it's long weekend and Lunar New Year, so I am not going to have a chance to take any pictures since family will be roaming around. I mean, they'd have a heart attack about BV so I have to hide the bag for the time being

    But I promise I WILL post pics!
  13. Thanks LS!

    I'm not sure ... If I'm going to the H opening, I'm most likely bringing a H bag:idea: Right now I don't even know if I am going to the opening ... sooo broke.:crybaby:
  14. Thanks Pinkish_Love! I kind of struggled with this one since I don't know when BV will make another pink again. I know I waited two years for them to come out with pink ... I don't know if I should get one in Magnolia too. I just like the boxy and more structured design of this bag, and it also looks a bit more formal because of the shape.
  15. hmm congrats ...u made right choice...cant wait to see picture :rolleyes: