my 1st birkin reveal =)


Feb 23, 2006
inside an orange box

please share my happiness, anyone????? :P
can't describe the feeling when i saw jaw dropped and my heart sank...coudlnt think at all but to pull out my credit card and take her home!!!! (forgot my own chanel bag in the H store..til my SA chased me down the street! lol)

I've finally made a decision early this yr on what color would be my 1st, and when i decided, my SA didnt make me wait for long, only 3 months and she went thru hoops to get me the RIGHT SIZE and RIGHT color, i feel like the luckiest lady on earth now! :smile:

one thing i wasn't sure when she told me was the leather, since i've never felt this type of leather and i've been reading on some threats and couple things did got me worried, that i may not like the leather...

AND......everything is perfect, if i win the lottery :P

Chanel: i've read your response an hr before i saw the bag and got me even more excited! :P thanks for your last min advise **hugs***:P
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