My 1st BBag - now I'm ADDICTED! Cobalt pics please...

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  1. I just bought my first bbag last week - Aqua city - and I LOVE it. I went into NM with my gf yesterday because she now wants a Greige (we think) hobo with GH. The SA said they have a Cobalt brief with GH and I am in LOVE with the style and I want a bluish bbag now. Only thing - I think I am going to like the silver hardware better (in Ocean). Does anyone have pics of their Cobalt bags they can post? I def want a distinctly different color than the Aqua. Will NM even get some of the Ocean's?

  2. What you saw was NATUREL (Giant Hardware was released for the SS 07 season, Greige was a FW 06 color)

    Ocean is more of a muted a pale blueberry or even Navy 05. It looks stunning but it doesn't have that COME LOOK AT ME appeal.

    Here's Aquamarine Work with GH

  3. Cobalt is Aqua. So, you already have that color in a City. Maybe if you want a blue bag, you should consider bleu glacier or french blue. I'll go look for pics.

    Here's French Blue


    Bleu Glacier (periwinkle)

  4. just wanted to add in a random thought....
    if the french blue 'got together' with the bleu glacier/periwinkle... they would make cornflower babies...!! :P
  5. :roflmfao: - you are so right!!! :yes:
  6. [​IMG]

    Periwinkle is TDF!!! Peri-Work, where are you?

  7. if only we could bring our bbags together and let them MULTIPLY...!!! :nuts:

    what a thought!
  8. :yes: Well, I guess that was my wish for my gang 'cuz I have them all lying one on top of the other. So far, no babies, yet... :rolleyes:

  9. wonder if they'll come in lil balenciaga boxes.. :P like lil white eggshells with the 'balenciaga' logo on them :nuts:... ahahhaa..... dream dream dream....
  10. I THINK there is a periwinkle work at .. could be a city .. dont remember .. check it out!