My 1st Bbag...but unsure of color!!

  1. Finally got my very 1st Balenciaga bag from eBay uk. And its a Men's Day.:yahoo:
    But i'm unsure of the color, so hope that all you kind ladies can help me out. The seller says its aquamarine. But it looks more like teal to me. :confused1: The paper tags states 2006 1 141175 D94AY So maybe someone can tell me which season in 06 is this bag from also. TIA :smile:
    Its very hard to capture the actual color, the 1st pic is without flash and the last is with flash. They are taken in my room at night. I'm so excited, just have to post it here first!
    menday.JPG zipper.JPG labelbk.JPG labelfrt.JPG men'sday.JPG
  2. If it's 2006, then it's blue india I think.
  3. I second that; blue india for sure.
  4. Thanks Mas and Becca. But i always tot that blue india was brighter. Maybe are there different color range for the men's bags?
  5. Shopboy, congrats on your 1st BBag purchase! Exlent choice in color too. :tup:
  6. Looks more like teal (but wasn't this a '05 color?). My blue india city for color reference (below) is brighter and greener:


    (blue india is front center)

    Congrats on your new bag though!!
  7. Maybe it's cornflower? I suggest taking a photo outdoors during the day so we can see the true color.
  8. Looks more like Cornflower to me...whatever it is...its beautiful!!! Enjoy!!!
  9. if it's 2006 1 it is cornflower (the 1 is for spring/summer)
    it's a great color!
  10. Thank you ladies :smile:
    Ok, i've attached some more pics taken in daytime.
    Since i bought it from eBay, could it be that the paper tag was switched? And just to be 300% sure, its authentic right?
    Sorry for being so longwinded, but i've wanted a Bbag for such a long time! So i want to absolutely sure.:shame:
    blu.JPG day.JPG daylite.JPG rivet.JPG
  11. i thought it might be a blue india. congrats anyway, it's gorgeous!
  12. Congrats!
  13. The blue is gorgeous...whatever it is. COnGratS on your first bbag!!!
  14. Hi shopboy welcome here,
    There is one thing i can tell U for sure, it`s authentic.
    I bought that same season the same bag in brown. They had that colour also it`s a bit dark tealish.
    From wat i see the bag looks good on U, maybe U can do some more modeling pics. We al do love modelingpics over here.
    Once again welcome here, and we love to hear more from U.

    Hugs FX:heart:
  15. if tag states 2006 1 this is a (gorgeous) cornflower.