my 1st bbag (!) but i'm rather upset.. r/o

  1. can someone tell me if the leather sucks? it feels and looks papery and dry. i really wasn't trying to pick on every minor thing, cos i probably am not a good judge, so i'll be grateful if you can advise me whether an exchange is in order.

    you find the plate crooked? v slightly?
    should i be bothered by the distinct difference between the left (wrinkly) and right (smooth)? i asked for smooth and not so wrinkly - only this half and the bottom are smooth.

    these creases are considered normal?


  2. It does look a little wrinkly on one side, but I don't think every bbag is perfect. You know? For example, my anthracite part time... its smooth, when I was hoping it would be a little more wrinkly. I think the more you use it, the better it will end up breaking in....
  3. Some '06 leathers present themselves in the way you've described "papery and dry". You are the expert... because what it comes down to is preference. Some people like the veiny wrinkled distressed look, others the smoother. Personally, I like the distressed wrinkled...but with plushy thick leather.

    If the bag isn't what you expected and you're not feeling the :heart:... exchange it. It's alot to invest in, so loving it is a must. (just my $.02). Good Luck and keep us posted.
  4. The plate does look a little crooked. The leather is wrinkly and dry but that is not uncommon. Like mentioned above, the 2006 bags are paper dry and I have an '06 black twiggy that is dry too but I love the veins and the crackly leather. You must decide... does it bother you when you look at it? Can you love the bag? If you can't then maybe you should consider returning it.
  5. It sounds like you're disappointed and probably aren't going to love it. I would take it back. I know it's disappointing, since it's your first bag. I just took back one that I thought I really wanted, but didn't love when I got it in person. When I thought about how much I do love my other two Bal bags, I realized I should get rid of this one and get one that I would love as much as those.
  6. hmph. i saw a shadow on the front near the left buckle and this bugs me even more. it's shaped like an inverted exclamation mark and looks like it's been scraped or is the word scuffed? you might be able to spot it in my 1st picture.

    how do you un-crease the lines? am i being too fastidious? i saw a white slip stating: 2007 1 168028 D941T 1253

    it's 2006 leather? :confused1:
  7. maybe you just dont love it and youre just finding things to make you want to return it i say return it and get one you really love everything about.

    i hope you understand what i mean im not trying to be rude or anything.
  8. maybe, since different people perceive things differently or harbour different expectations. i know that no one bbag is the same, this being the beauty of a bbag. but would you accept a scuffed new bag? maybe you would.. seriously, the last thing i want is an exchange. i have to bear the cost of returning it to the store and i believe they will charge me for the 2nd shipment. i'm not the type to insist unless i feel it's a valid justification. i've lost count how many times i've settled for a less than perfect buy. you haven't heard my YSL story.. but i digressed.

    no offence taken. i'm just upset, and disappointed, yes. kwim?
  9. I would absolutely return it. the plate does look crooked and the leather is different on each side. Everytime you see those things it's going to bug you and then the expensive bag will sit in your closet. Even if you have to pay to return it , its cheaper than tying up all of that money for something you don't love. Maybe if you explain these things to the store, they can send you a replacement. Where did you get it?
  10. the bag was sent out promptly after i placed the order last week. but i wasn't in town and only managed to collect it today. the CS is fantastic, no doubt about it. but this has to happen. i almost didn't get any bag as there was a problem with my card payment.

    i've emailed them, telling them i'm willing to gloss over the differing leather texture on the front but i can't accept a crooked plate and the scuffed bit. i'm at their mercy, really. since their exchange policy seems v rigid.
  11. Where did you get It? Exchange policy should be void if it is defective merchandise. Besides if push came to shove and they don't make you happy you can do a reversal on your credit card- you have 60 days.
  12. Okay, first I will say that I am so sorry that your first Balenciaga bag has turned out less than satisfactory. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks but you. You've paid quite a bit of money, and for you to be anything but thrilled with it, is not acceptable.
    I personally prefer the older leather, mostly the 05 leather, which is thicker, smooshier, and has no veiny appearance. But I don't want it to look plastic like, I prefer it to have some personality.
    My personal opinion of your bag is....I agree with you on it looking funky because one side is smooth and one side is wrinkly. That looks a little strange to me. I don't see the mark you mentioned but I do see the unevenness of the plate. If you bought it in a department store or Bal, NY and the paper tag says 2007 then it is definitely not an 06, and I have been hearing that the 07 leather is thicker, smooshier, and less veiny than 06 leather. Also, dryness in a bag is the least of your worries. If indeed you get and keep a bag that is dry, it can be easily remedied with many different lotions and/or leather conditioners.
    Even if with use the look of the leather evens out, I don't think you should keep a bag that you have to wait to see if it becomes a bag you will love. You should love it the moment you get it! You mentioned being at the mercy of the store, so it is a store with a strict return policy? Even the stores with the strictest return policies will let customers do exchanges. I think with how it seems you feel about the bag, you should make an exchange. If you can't pick out a bag yourself, explain as thoroughly as possible your likes and dislikes regarding the bags. Also, with this bag having a few flaws, I don't think you should be responsible for any shipping costs! Please keep us posted, and good luck with whatever you choose to do!
  13. I find the difference in the leather on the left and right quite noticable. I would accept that but only if the bag was quite heavily reduced (say 40% off).
  14. Personally, I would swap it for a different one just because i want my leather to be thick and smooth lol, so if you dont like it I think you should ask for an exchange :smile:
  15. I would return it as well, I wouldn't be able to deal with the one side smooth-the other wrinkley situation. Also I can't stand the 06 leather that looks plasticky/papery and thin...ugh.. Thick leather is the best in my opinion.

    good luck and keep us posted.