My 1st BB Bag ...

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    Hi Ladies...

    I'm new to this forum. DH just bought me my birthday gift and it's a BB Day Bag with GSH in Officier Blue !!! I'm so elated and thought I would like to share it with you gals, and at the same time hear advices about the maintainence of BB bags from veteran like you !! I'm over the moon as I have always wanted to own a BB !!! :cloud9:

    Hope to built up a mini family if I'm not too busted along the way cos I'm a bagaholic !!




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  2. Super gorgeous officier gsh day u have. You've a super sweet DH. Happy bithday once again.

    Good thing never stops at one. Pom pom next on yr list????
  3. happy bday! that is way gorgeous!
  4. I love Officier, and I love it with GSH - this is a smashing combo! Beautiful bag - and wonderful hubby! Congrats! And happy birthday...
  5. That is a Gorgeous Day!! Congrats :yahoo: and welcome to the bottomless pit of BBag World! :P

    How are you liking that style?

    Now you need a City! :graucho:
  6. Thank you GaLs !!!

    Sweetlust & Dannkat - U R right and I'm not stopping at one cos i'm loving this Day Bag n the GSH look !! I'm recently busted on my 5 miu miu buys in a month !! But Pom Pom or City will be next on my list !! :sweatdrop:
  7. Congrats, a real beauty! Happy B day!
  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    How does a man "understand" Bal? :nuts: Did you give him any hint?

    Congratulation! You got an amzing Bbag also an amazing husband!
  9. Your birthday bag is beautiful--it looks fabulous on you! Congrats!

  10. HandbagAngel - Hahaha you R so sharp... but actually he can tell by observing that I never fail to drop by the boutique whenever we go shopping near the vicinity n reluctantly leave the boutique. Also he notice my frequent visit to this BB forum to know more about BB bags. :P

    Lastly I guess he heard my frequent conversation with my PIC over the phone abt BB bags LOL :lol:

    U R right... he just can't understand why we pay so much fr a bag like i can't understand why he paid a fortune for his golf set...

    Cate14 & muggles - Thank you for your well wishes !!
  11. Congrats, it's gorgeous! Your DH did a great job with getting you a Birthday gift!
  12. Happy Birthday C!!!! Love Officier GSH combo, you look fabulous with GH Day, CONGRATS!!!

    Pssst you have a rackfull of shorts & minis.
  13. Congrats on your gorgeous Officier Day!

    Happy birthday :balloon::Partyhat:
  14. LOL Thanks *F*... my very 1st BB yeah !! short legs.. so must go for minis...

    ChiChi143& Livia1 - Thanks gals !!!
  15. C, You are too modest. More like TDF legs than short legs. The first is always the start of many for Bbags!!! :graucho: