my 1st Balenciaga!

  1. I didn't jump into the Motorcycle craze. The tassles somehow irked me, danggling all over & getting caught onto something or everything! Only when I saw my friend's Twiggy in a beautiful grey shade did I start to appreciate it. This summer I was in San Francisco & fell in :heart: immediately with the Giant line! At first I wanted the Giant Brief or the Giant Part-Time. But I decided, it being my 1st, to stick to the classic City model & in neutral black. So, here it 1st ever Balenciaga...Giant City! :yahoo:
  2. :yahoo: Beautiful!!! Congrats and welcome!!!
  3. Beautiful bag! :drool:
  4. Thanks very much! When I tried the Part-Time, it was too long for me--more like a carry-on. The Brief was really nice & so was the beigey-tan colour! But since this is my very 1st, I thought it best that I stick to the City & the s.a. highly suggested the same. It's actually quite big. It seems bigger than the original Motorcycle City.
  5. Beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!
  6. Beautiful!! Congrats!
  7. I know that the exaggerated hardware isn't to everyone's liking, but that's what actually attracted me!
  8. Do you find it too young & trendy?
  9. Gorgeous bag!! Congrats!!
  10. Nice bag. I hope that you enjoy it.
  11. beautiful-congrats!
  12. Congrats!!
  13. congrats and welcome!
  14. she truly sparkles - enjoy her!:tup:
  15. Very Pretty!! Congrats on your 1st!! ;)