My 1st Balenciaga!

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  1. Hi girls! I have just come into a bit of money and the first thing I want to do is buy a Balenciaga. But which one should I get?? I want medium sized in a dark colour that looks good with jeans as well as dressed up in the evening. Please help!!
  2. there are too many answers to that question! the obvious choice would be a city, for an every day bag, or a first for going out.

    with all the fall colors coming out, you can choose any color of the rainbow and be happy :P
  3. I've seen a beautiful 'brief' bag in a deep red on ebay, what are your thoughts on that style and colour?
  4. Red is a great color for day and night! I guess the big question for you you want a bag with a strap or will you be happy with just handles?

    So far all my bags have straps (except for the clutch) because I carry them in winter, too, and they have to fit over a big coat.

    If you decide that just the handles are fine, you can look at any bag because you can take the straps off the ones that come with both. The Mini Bowling seems to be a fun bag, too, for day and night.

    Do you live near NY? or at least near a store that carries B bags so you can go try on a bunch and settle on the style before you decide on the color?
  5. i love the dark reds; i think the rouge theatre is a great color, unfortunately this color will be more difficult to find because it is from a previous season. Anthracite is another great color! For a medium sized bag, I would recommend either a first or a city. I think those are the two more popular sizes.

    Check out the photo reference thread to see how the different bags look on PFers! :biggrin:
  6. I have ink and I think it's an incredibly versatile color. Looks great with jeans, with black, and it's so dark that it's kind of interchangeable with black. The color sort of changes depending on what I'm wearing with it. But...I bought it in Jan 06 so if you're looking for one, eBay is the place... Good luck with whatever color you choose and pre-congrats on your first b-bag!!
  7. Oh yes the ink sounds like a good colour, but maybe I should get the magenta city that everyone seems to be talking about??!! :confused1:
  8. I lOVE Ink!! I own one and I am thinking getting another one in another size!! Ink goes with anything and everything!
    Magenta is really bright, I thought you said you wanted a Dark color?!..
    Another color I would recommend is Anthracite! It seems like everyone who owns one is having the time of her life!! ;)
  9. I currently only have a Black city but would LOVE a Magenta or Deep Red one.

    I think the City is a great size, big enough to fit everything in but doesn't look too big or smart for casual. I think the First is better for evening (I'm after one of those too).

    Also the Twiggy seems to be a good size.
  10. im deciding on my first bbag too and cant make up my mind! i want either a black or magenta city. but i have so many black bags and i love the bright colored balenciaga's. is the magenta a versatile color? everyone seems to be very pleased with it! would love your opinions, thanks!
  11. I would say city in black or antracite if you want a dark bag.
  12. I agree with some of the ladies that a city in anthracite is a good choice. I have one myself and I really love the way the color shifts with the changing light. It's dark enough to be mistaken for a black bag in the evening and its more blueish/ teal in strong light. It will go with jeans or a business suit.
  13. My very first BBag was a '05 Black First and I think it was a really good choice for a first BBag! Hope you find the one you love!:yes:
  14. cafe city.
  15. I would definitely go with a city or a twiggy as they are both great for day but not too big for night.

    As far as colour goes, go for something classic for your first bag, iether black, red or perhaps the new steel for fall.