My 1st Balenciaga bag i'm lovin' it !

  1. Hi all
    First let me introduce myself this is my first post at here
    my nickname is yo i'm living in Bangkok Thailand (Land of smile :smile:)
    Nice to meet you all :yahoo:
    and this is . . . My Day (tabac) i love it so much b'coz is so thick soft shine and look great ! (:amazed: can't believe it a goat skin)
    but i'm not sure about color please tell me what my bag color ? :confused1:
    Bb1fyo.JPG Bb2fyo.JPG Bbmacroyo.JPG
  2. Is that a truffle? Tabac seems lighter w/a bit red from the pics I've seen.
    Congrats on your bag and welcome! :flowers:
  3. the paper from this bag can tell color ?
    is hard to take photo for the real color :push:
    i think the pic. of leather tag is really like the real color of my bag
    Balenciagacard.jpg Bbleathertag.jpg
  4. Hi Yo! Welcome! I just got a sienna (tabac) day. Here is a pic of mine...they are so difficult to photograph the true color...this one looks very close..
  5. Hi Yo! Welcome, and I love your bag - the leather looks great!
  6. lovely bag!!!!!!congratz!
  7. Welcome to tPF and congrats on your beautiful day! The leather looks really nice. :smile:
  8. Congratulations Yo! And welcome to tPF! :p
  9. congrats and welcome!
  10. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
    The Day is a great choice!!!
    Did you buy it in Thailand? Do you mind if I ask for the price? :shame: It seems that in Thailand, BBag is very expensive.:wondering
    Anyways, Welcome and Enjoy!!! :welcome:
  11. Hi Welcome and congrats on the beautiful bag.
  12. Warm welcome to you! :heart: Your bag looks great and I love the Day style - it's so easy to wear!
  13. Welcome! And congrats on a gorgeous bag! I love the Tabac color!
  14. Hi Yo! welcome to tpf!! love your bag!! it's such a great color congrats!!
  15. Congrats on your first Bbag ... it's a gorgeous color, very versatile!