My 1st Balenciaga -- a "Day"!

  1. Hey B-girls,
    I finally joined the club! I must admit, at first I wasn't a fan. It took some time to grow on me and I'm glad it finally did! I purchased a Day as my 1st and I'm in love.

    Here's a photo.

    (The file was too big so I had to hyperlink from photobucket. Hope that's okay w/ the mods. I just bought a new laptop and I don't have photoshop yet! :sweatdrop: )

    Sorry, I'm such a newbie and I really need to ask this. How do I know what color the bag is? I know each color has its own name and I'm not too sure which one I bought. It's from the A/W 06-07 collection and it's a very dark green. Can someone identify the color name for me? Thanks!

    I took a picture of the authenticity card so maybe that'll help.

    Thanks girls. :smile:
  2. I think it's Sapin. CONGRATS!! I want a Day, too! Hopefully I will be getting one soon.
  3. ^^ OMG, that's sapin & it's gorgeous!!! :drool:
  4. It's gorgeous! Congratulations! My 1st (and only) Balenciaga is a day bag, too. I love it!!
  5. thank you!
    i hope you get one soon, too! it's a must-have :yes:
    which color do you want?
  6. Beautiful Sapin:love: . Congrats on your first bbag!
  7. I think I want a blue roi since it will go with jeans good. IMO it's more of a everyday relaxed bag so I thought that would be a great color for jeans.
  8. gorgeous!:love:

    congrats on your first b-bag!
  9. oh wow, i'm gonna bookmark those swatches! very handy! thank you :smile:

    grenat is a beautiful color! i also saw that color today (but not in the Day). congrats on your new b-bag! great choice! :wlae:
  10. Congratulations.
  11. yeah, the blue is gorgeous! let us know when you get one! ;)
  12. It's lovely! Days are great bbags!Congrats!
  13. Congrats! Where did you get it from? Holts?
  14. yup! i originally bought a gray from Holts on Bloor but it was defective so i went to Yorkdale today and they had this color which i actually like a lot more so i'm glad i went to Yorkdale!