My 1st Bal.... So excited.

  1. So, I've been wanting a Bal bag for awhile now. Though I admit the 1st time I saw a Bal bag, I was not immediately blown away. But somehow, that mental image of the silver studs and bright turquoise color stuck in my head. Recently, I've been going to the Bal boutique and slowly.... I was beginning to appreciate the look of the bag. However, try as I may, hub just did not like the studs.

    Today whilst out shopping, popped into a Bal boutique again. This time... They had something special in the window. The pastel color bag with the gleaming gold studs..... WOW! And surprise surprise, hubs actually likes the bag now. How could I say "no". Had to bring her home with me.

    Revealing my most special 1st Bal bag.
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  5. Congrats, it's lovely!!!
  6. Congrats! I adore pale pink with gold hardware. I have a Gucci bag in the same coloring with the gold hardware :smile:

    I would love to see modeling pics!
  7. What a beautiful color!
  8. Ooh that bag is lovely. Very pretty shade of pink.
  9. Thank you all for your kind compliments. Looking forward to bringing her about town for a walk soon. ;)
  10. So sweet! Congrats on your new town!
  11. I was looking at pics of other Bals, and I'm wondering why my bag doesn't have tassels. Do all Bal bags come with these tassels? How do I get tassels?
  12. Tassels usually come with the RH bags, not the giant hardware bags! HTH!
  13. Congratulation , it looks so adorable. 😊

  14. Thanks for your reply. :smile:

    Eerr... What are RH bags? So these raised studs are known as giant hardware?

    Sorry... Being new to Bal, kinda confused with the various styles & acronyms. Am learning as I go along. ;)
  15. Very pretty! Congrats! Yes, the bags with the g (giant) 12 gold and silver don't come with tassels. I ended up ordering some for my g12 gold Velo.