My 1st bag in 3 years and I'm debating..HELP!!!!

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  1. #1 Oct 14, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2012
    So recently I went to the LV store with my boyfriend's sister because she's looking to buy a new bag. I ended up checking out the Sully but I wasn't sure on it since I'm not too crazy about vachetta. I wanted a low-maintenance bag. I checked out TPF and found out the Portabello is coming's similar to the Sully and it's in DE print.Long story short, I ended up getting the Portabello in GM and picked it up on Tuesday. I'd been using ONCE since I got it when I went to the car dealership today. I'm having doubt because the shoulder strap is bothering me a little bit. SO now I'm thinking of the DE NF. I didn't get it in the first place because everyone has them and it's a bit plain. Any advice??? Portabello vs. Neverful vs Artsy.

    ps. I didn't get the Artsy in the first place because of the shoulder strap might be hurting my shoulder. I kind of have bony shoulder and since it'd been a while that I got a bag, I need to be careful and wise with my choice.

    Here is my reveal pictures of the GM.

  2. I think it's a nice size and the shoulder strap...just like the sully and artsy, will have some GIVE over time
  3. But you've been using the Portabello since you've bought it. Will you be selling it or thinking of exchanging it? You can't exchange it if it's used. :sad:
  4. I would keep the Portabello.I'm sure the strap needs some time to relax a bit.
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    Oh Ok. I have no idea you can't exchange it if it's used. My SA said if I use it and don't like it. I can take it back to the store and get something else.
  6. The bag pic is so cute! I think the bag looks very nice on you and you should keep it. I would imagine the strap will soften up with use to make it more comfortable. I like the bag but I am not a huge fan of slouchy bags so I decided I would not get it although the Artsy keeps popping up in my head.....
  7. Another person who wants to exchange a USED bag? wow... Just enjoy it its gorgeous! If you don't love it then Sell it, don't take it back to the store yuck.
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  9. I have no idea you can't exchange the bag if it's used. My SA assured me I can exchange for another bag if I don't like this bag. I've never exchange or return anything at the LV store and I bought bags, wallet and accessories before. I don't even read the return policy so I didn't think anything of it. And just to clarify the "used" issue, I did used it once today to the car dealership for less than 40 minutes and put it back in the box afterward.
  10. We can only rely on the SA's judgement on whether its in acceptable condition to be returned or not, that's not something that we can question. However, are you saying that you've only used it today since you've bought the bag? In your previous post, you've said that you've used it a few times since you bought it Tuesday. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just pleading with those that return used bags. I have experienced (as well as others) buying a bag either in store or online just to discover that there are issues with it (I.e hair in the bag, scraped corners etc) that are likely due to it being returned by those who have used them. In turn, we are the ones that deal with the headache of exchanging for a "new" one because now the SA don't really know if it was like that already or not.

    Add: I've noticed that you've edited your first post to say that you've only used it once when you originally said that you've been using it since you've bought it. That's dishonest. With that, I wish you good luck and thank you for sharing.
  11. It doesn't matter what your SA says. Our issue is, if you used it, regardless of how long, it is used. And you should not return it. It's less a LV rule and more of a moral rule. Personally, no one wants to pay for something you already used.

    I think you should just let the strap break in. All leather softens with time and use.
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  13. Yes I edited my post because everyone seem to have the problem with me using the bag "few times" so I had to re-evaluated exactly how many times I used it and how long I carried it for. Like I said, I had no idea about the exchange/returning policy because I never return anything before. All I know is if you don't like the bag, you return it..according to my SA and she's the store manager. I figure she knows what she's talking about and I'm sure she does. And yes I had problem with used bag before. I bought it from Eluxury the MC Ursula and it was dirty, all scratched up. So I know what you're talking about.
  14. I wouldn't exchange it... I would keep it, it's cute. The bag will break in and you will get used to it
  15. I think it's a very nice bag - you should keep it and let the leather soften up :smile: