my 1st bag charm/keychain...

  1. i love it, it'ss oo pretty
    new camera pics 007.jpg
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! Santa just brought me the same one and I love it so much!!!!

  3. I had this and sold it, I miss it!!!
  4. Oh, I was so excited looking at your new bag charm forgot to tell you how cute your shoes are!!!!
  5. lol, thanks, i'm really excited about my charm too, can you tell me which season it's from? or is it a regular item? and i love my new shoes too, i got them on sale, couldn't believe my eyes.
  6. Lovely.
  7. That is one of my fave charms!!!

    Congrats on the new GORGEOUS shoes as well! :tup:
  8. Very pretty and your shoes are gorgeous
  9. I want one! Congrats!
  10. so cute, congrats and on the shoes..really pretty!
  11. Very cute, congrats!
  12. Very nice congrats ...I saw the keychain in the store and love the sound it makes when they all clack together I am weird:wacko: I know!!
  13. Oh its too cute and pretty.

    Love the shoes too. :drool:

  14. Nice shoes!:nuts: Love that charm, still want one but forgot to ask last time I was at the store.:push:
  15. Congrats! Love the charms and your shoes! :love: