My 1st baby!!

  1. I finally got my 1st LV with my own hard-earned money!
    And it comes in the form of the Mini Lin Croisette Speedy in Blue..
    Love the style and colour to bits as it suits me very much.. Gosh I'm so worried of dirtying the lovely bag though..

    Here's pics of the bag:


  2. verry nice!
  3. I love it! Beautiful :tup:
  4. Congrats on your first LV piece!! Such a great choice, she's beautiful!!
  5. Modeling shots, woo hoo!!!!!
  6. I love how young the bag makes me look hehe... I'll try to post some modelling shots soon.. Once again, thanks ladies!!!
  7. Oh my God, it's gorgeous!! Makes me want one now too! ;)
  8. Congrats......what a beautiful first Speedy !!!!!
  9. ~:balloon:Congrats:woohoo:-awesome choice-no worries...there will be many more babies to follow:sneaky:~
  10. Simply beautiful!!! Congrats!
  11. daphodill84: Go grab one now! It's too gorgeous to pass up.. Evil me tempting you right now haha

    travelbliss: Definitely no regrets getting this range as my 1st Speedy.. So far I haven't bump into someone carrying the same bag yet.. Cant wait to build up my collection now =)
  12. Stunning!
  13. very nice congrats, I like the mini lin in blue.
  14. ooooooh soooooo pretty!!
  15. congrats!! it's gorgeouss!!