My 1st (and hopefully not last) Hermes bag!

  1. I usually carry slouchy Balenciaga bags or larger LV bags. I really wanted a Hermes and found the perfect starter bag; the all leather Garden Party Tote. Thanks to a wonderful PF'r, this lovely baby is all mine. It is smaller than what I am used to carrying (actually, I have not carried her yet....waiting for the right time), but love how feminine the bag makes me feel. :love:

    Do all Garden Party Totes come with the matching twilly? My Twilly was in its own circular box, so I was not sure. Brilliant concept!

    I am sure you have all seen pics of this bag or in person, but just wanted to share now that it is in my possession.
  2. No, not all GPT comes with a Twilly scarf. Only those that have silk lining come with it. Congratulations! It's a beautiful bag. I have one in the same design myself.
  3. Very cute! Congrats!
  4. How wonderful....I love the shape of that bag, and with the little twilly on there...ADORABLE!!!!
    Congrats on your first H :smile:
  5. Yummy color. Congrats!
  6. Love it, what great taste you have! And that twilly is hard to come by. Enjoy!
  7. CONGRATS and WELCOME TO THE ORANGE SIDE!!! I guarantee she won't be ur last!!!:graucho::graucho:
  8. Becca- what a wonderful choice for your first Hermes. Enjoy and wear her in the best of health. Welcome to the Orange side:heart:
  9. Your garden party and twilly are lovely.
    Congratulations on your first!
  10. Becca! The GP is a fantastic choice!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have the twin to yours only mine is black (natch.....) and I use it almost all the time on the week-ends! It's SO great!!!
  11. Beautiful bag, Becca! It is so gorgeous and practical too. We all know that it won't be your last Hermes bag; it never is here on the orange side. Welcome and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  12. Congrats Becca. Don't worry, you'll be addicted if you are'nt already. And your twilly matches perfectly.
  13. Love it- congrats!
  14. wow! so lovely! action pics!
  15. Becca ~ It's Gorgeous....I Also Have The Similar Garden Party In The Black Leather ~ I Think Mine May Be Larger....I Need It For All The Craziness I Carry Around!!!!;)

    Enjoy This Beauty:heart: