My 1st and 2nd B-Bags

  1. I recently bought my first and second Balenicagas with in a matter of days. The first one was a used twiggy. It's in great shape as far as the leather itself is concerned, but it's quite dingy. It originally was calcair, but now is more of a light yellow. I've heard people talking about a place called Love My Bags (or something) and I'm thinking about sending it there, but I cant find the site. If I do send it out will they be able to bring back it's original color?
    My second is a Pale Rose City!! I havent received it yet, but it should be here soon. I've heard that the lighter colors turn yellow (and have seen it on my twiggy). What should I do to prevent that from happening to my City? Thanks so much for any advice~~~
  2. Congrats on your bags Cleo! I am going to move this to Care & Feeding.

    But yes, LMB does a lovely job of restorning bags. However, I do not believe they can lift the yellow out a color. All they could do would be to re-dye the entire bag.

    On the dingy bag LMB might be able to clean it up nicely :tup:

    As for protecting the new rose city, a lot of gals like Apple Garde.

    If you search for Apple Garde and LMB you should find plenty of hits :yes:
  3. The site is contact Barbara she's great! HTH:yes:
  4. Thanks you guys!!!
  5. Congrats!
  6. congrats! post pics.