My 1st & 2nd Day - 05 Pewter & 06 Blue India!

  1. Here are my pewter & blue india day purchased via *bay - Thank you Javaboo for the Pewter Day, and Purse-Oooh for the BI Day! Both ladies were awesome to deal with, and Purse-Oooh also did me an awesome favor :graucho::graucho: and sent me something I couldn't get over here in Australia. Nothing illegal I swear! :p

    Both bags are scrumptious and smooshy! Big thank you to the ladies who authenticated the pewter day for me, and decophile for rocking her pewter day so well that I had to have one too!

    The boy didn't want to co-operate today, so no pictures of him modelling the bags yet.

    Indoors without flash:

    Indoors with flash:


    Pewter Day indoors without flash:


    Pewter Day indoors with flash:


    Blue India Day indoors without flash:

    JL Pewter and Blue India Day05.jpg JL Pewter and Blue India Day03.jpg JL Pewter and Blue India Day07.jpg JL Pewter and Blue India Day09.jpg JL Pewter and Blue India Day08.jpg
  2. Blue India Day with flash:


    Both bags with *sort of* matching shoes (flash):


    Both bags with *sort of* matching shoes (without flash):


    And because my thread wouldn't be complete without my favorite boy, even if he didn't want to model my bags today:

    JL Pewter and Blue India Day10.jpg JL Pewter and Blue India Day13.jpg JL Pewter and Blue India Day14.jpg JL-Bbag-Day-019.jpg
  3. I've never had a day before these two beauties arrived, and I'm loving the style!

    Oops I just noticed my toes peeking out from the first pic :shame:

    By the way, if anyone sees a bleu glacier city floating around somewhere, it's calling my name, so please let me know :okay::wlae:

    Once again, thanks Javaboo and Purse-Ooooh!
  4. Omg, they are BOTH beautiful. Absolutely stunning, and I mean it! They both look to be in excellent condition! Modelling pics please!!
  5. Congratulations on your two beautiful bags!! I am especially loving the Pewter!! And, the Day style is fanastic - I'm sure these bags will get a ton of use :tup:!
  6. :yahoo:Congrats on two beeeyoootiful Bbags!! They are gorgeous!

    And I can see why your "favorite boy" is your favorite boy! What a cutie!!:tender:
  7. Thanks girls. No modelling pics because there's no one else at home to take them for me.

    pursendipity - my *favorite* boy was so sulky today and really tested my patience. It was so hot in Melbourne today, and I guess he doesn't do too well in the warm weather, which was why he was walking around naked ;)

    Wish I could do that :graucho: but we have landscapers all over the place at the moment! Ok, that, and the droopy bits. Once you have kids, it's never the same! :shocked:
  8. Wow. They both look amazing. Congrats and congrats!!!
  9. congrats congrats! i like the BI day! 06 leather ain't so bad, eh? :yes: lemme guess: you were sent some leathercare products? tell me i'm right! :happydance:
  10. aw, your boy is adorable! :heart:

  11. Wow Congrats! Your waiting really paid off Jade! :tup:
    Both the pewter and BI are such gorgeous colors!
    Btw, how are the leathers on these 2 bags compared to the Black GSH City?
  12. Cutie!!! And LOVE BOTH days!!
  13. Fabulous additions!! Congratulations to you! How will you decide which to wear first? : )

    I wish you well,

  14. those bags are gorgeous!! and your DS is adorable!! your pedicure looks lovely by the way.. congrats!!
  15. Congratulations on your new bags! They're so pretty and your son is so adorable!