My 18th Anniversary gift.

  1. Hi Chanel lovers. I wanted to FINALLY share my anniversay gift from my sweet DH. He was in Tokyo, Japan for 2 weeks (bus. trip). and missed our anniversary by one day (June 10th). Anyway, he decided to get me a handbag, he knows I don't have a Chanel in my collection. A lovely Chanel SA picked the bag out for him ( he's very aware of his HORRIBLE taste, thank god!) after he described what kind of bags I like...BIG, dark colors, not too much bling and definitely classic. He arrived home Sunday morning around 5am, I was still asleep of course and placed the beautiful Chanel box ( he carried it on board, the whole plane knew it was an anniversary gift by the end of the plane trip and the pilot even announced on the speaker, congratulations to him!:amuse:) on the kitchen table with his card. I thought I was seeing things:amazed:, he gave me a big kiss and said happy anniversary honey. As I was opening the box and I started to cry, because the thought of him purchasing a Chanel bag for me! I cried even more, when I saw the beautiful bag....I fell in love immediately, for the first time in my life I was speechless!:love: Here she is, if anybody knows the name of it...please feel free to educate me! Thank you for looking.:heart:
  2. Congrats on your new gorgeous anniversary gift! Your DH is so sweet!!!
  3. Congrats and happy anniversary! I love it. It is such a classic and beautiful bag. I am not a Chanel expert but I am sure someone will chime in soon. Maybe it is the reissue or some variation thereof???

    What a great husband!
  4. I'm not sure what the name is of that style, but it sure it a beauty! Congrats & happy anniversary! Your husband is a sweetie!
  5. wow congrats!! Your DH is so sweet!!
  6. its from the vintage ligne, i think its called the quilted duffle.

    gorgeous!!! congrats!
  7. Wow, that's just all out gorgeous! Big congrats, on both the bag and the sweet and thoughtful hubby. Happy Anniversary!
  8. Congradulations.......i wish i could have a chanel bag for my anniversary.Lucky gal
  9. Hot dog! You deserve it, congrats!!
  10. OMG! :shocked: I love your husband for loving you that much plus more. :biggrin: Happy Anniversary!!!!! I can't wait to see what he gets you at 25 yrs. CONGRATULATIONS...:heart:

    PS. The bag is TDF.
  11. Happy Anniversary - to you and your sweet husband - enjoy your bag
  12. OH...MY...GOD...I must have that bag..LOL...That is the cutest Chanel..EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You trained him well..GOOD JOB WOMAN!!!!LOL!
  13. Yes, it's from the vintage line! I have a similar bag on order for fall from that line. He did REALLY GOOD! Congrats and happy anniversary to you. It's a lovely bag.
  14. Happy Anniversary!!!!! What a sweet story!! I :heart: your bag! Congrats and enjoy it! :smile:
  15. Happy Anniversary. Your hubby sounds like a doll.