My 11th-hour PCE order....What to keep? Sell? (long post, sorry)


Jan 27, 2007
Keep in mind you will lose money selling on Ebay. You have to pay listing fees, selling fees, and Paypal fees if the buyer uses a credit card and you cannot tell them not to. Plus the bags usually sell for less than retail. Even with the PCE 25% discount you could get end up getting less on Ebay than what you paid. Speaking from experience.

ITA. i'd rather return it or exchange.


Dec 4, 2006
Chelsea Mineral Hobo
Carly -- Large brown/brown
Ergo Mahogany Patent Hobo
Ergo Ruby Patent Hobo
Ergo Turquoise Large Tote
Bordeaux/Khaki Hampton Carryall Large
Bordeaux/Khaki Hampton Carryall Medium
Wallet Mahogany sig stripe zip wallet large
Legacy Signature Shoulder Khaki/Ebony 11140
Wallet Crimson sig stripe 40019

Yes, SA's gave me 25% off the order. They knew I couldn't decide so suggested ordering more than I needed. I thought it sounded rather ridiculous to buy that much when I wasn't sure, but they didn't mind ringing up the order. I had them shipped to boutique, and I knew I could return w/o taking them home.


I've been thinking and reading your posts and I think that rather than return, I hope to sell on Ebay. (You ladies here make it sound easy to sell).

Anyone who has followed my posts here, knows I can't make up my mind very easily and need lots of "validation and direction".

Question: What is most classic/timeless? I'm thinking the Hampton carryall in the pretty red/khaki combo.

Should I post pics when they come in tomorrow?

Thanks in advance.

The things that should stay are:

Ergo Patent Hobo Mahogany
Ergo Turquoise Tote
Carly Chocolate/Chocolate Signature

They are all different bags, useful in their own right.
I also own the Ergo Patent Mahogany Hobo and the Ergo Vintage tote and I can honestly say that they are two of the best bags Coach has ever done. For the Carly though I would wait until it comes out in Chocolate leather in August. That is the one to get and that is the one I am buying. If I had to choose between the Chelsea Mineral Hobo and the Carly Chocolate leather it
would have to be Carly all the way. While the Mineral color is great and the leather is nice I just like the Carly way more for it's styling and the suppleness of the leather. Good luck deciding.


Tammy518's P.L.D.
Jun 1, 2007
Just return them. If you feel weird, just say "I bought a bunch of bags with PCE and limited them down and these were the ones I didn't want so much" or something like that. From the bags listed, I don't think any of those were really LE, so you would lose $ on eBay. (Especially with all of the fees).
Mar 5, 2007
My order came in and I was extremely disappointed. The mineral Chelsea was scratched and scraped adding to the "vintage" look (no thank you); the new Hampton Carryall in Khaki/Bordeaux wasn't impressive in person and "boxy" as the SA described it. The patent ergos didn't come home w/ me because I talked to Nords tonight and they are getting in patent/silver instead of patent/brass.

Long story short: I came home w/ brown Carly and mahogany sig strip zip-around wallet, green Samantha sunnies and perfume.

I was so unimpressed w/ the new stuff I ordered and I wouldn't DARE try to sell it on ebay, especially the scratched up Chelsea.

Thank you all for your input. I'm not ready to play Ebay w/ the big boys (and girls :smile:). My husband said just go buy what you want and don't worry about trying to make extra $$. I honestly would have bought more, but I was very unimpressed...