My 11th-hour PCE order....What to keep? Sell? (long post, sorry)

  1. Chelsea Mineral Hobo
    Carly -- Large brown/brown
    Ergo Mahogany Patent Hobo
    Ergo Ruby Patent Hobo
    Ergo Turquoise Large Tote
    Bordeaux/Khaki Hampton Carryall Large
    Bordeaux/Khaki Hampton Carryall Medium
    Wallet Mahogany sig stripe zip wallet large
    Legacy Signature Shoulder Khaki/Ebony 11140
    Wallet Crimson sig stripe 40019

    Yes, SA's gave me 25% off the order. They knew I couldn't decide so suggested ordering more than I needed. I thought it sounded rather ridiculous to buy that much when I wasn't sure, but they didn't mind ringing up the order. I had them shipped to boutique, and I knew I could return w/o taking them home.


    I've been thinking and reading your posts and I think that rather than return, I hope to sell on eBay. (You ladies here make it sound easy to sell).

    Anyone who has followed my posts here, knows I can't make up my mind very easily and need lots of "validation and direction".

    Question: What is most classic/timeless? I'm thinking the Hampton carryall in the pretty red/khaki combo.

    Should I post pics when they come in tomorrow?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. First, yes please post pics! First question is you ordered 2 wallets-- do you change your wallet? Also, you got two patents. Will you use them both, or do you just need one? I love all your choices, but if you're trying to scale it down I'd start there... Can't wait to see them!
  3. Heavens No! I only need 1 bag, maybe 2 at most (I only have a black duffle currently). I'm extremely cheap, by nature, and I NEVER should have discovered this forum! You girls are opening my eyes to a whole new world :smile:

    And yes, I only need one wallet.

  4. Keep in mind you will lose money selling on eBay. You have to pay listing fees, selling fees, and Paypal fees if the buyer uses a credit card and you cannot tell them not to. Plus the bags usually sell for less than retail. Even with the PCE 25% discount you could get end up getting less on eBay than what you paid. Speaking from experience.
  5. Definitely show pics when you get them tomorrow! If we can see how they look in the pics (some bags you ordered aren't out yet) and how they look on you, it will definitely help us help you.
  6. Well, I didn't narrow your list down too much, but among these top picks I think the Hamptons carryall is the best if you will have only 1 classic all purpose bag, either med or large, whichever you like better. I liked all of these though:
    Carly -- Large brown/brown
    Ergo Mahogany Patent Hobo
    Ergo Ruby Patent Hobo
    Ergo Turquoise Large Tote
    Bordeaux/Khaki Hampton Carryall Large
    Bordeaux/Khaki Hampton Carryall Medium
  7. Dang girl! It's hard to say, all of it is FABULOUS!
  8. If you're only looking for a couple of key bags, I would go with the large bordeaux carryall and the mineral hobo or the large turqoise tote--one would be more casual and one more multipurpose.

    You've got great taste! Can't wait to see pics!
  9. Selling on ebay only looks easy. You should take back anything you don't want and get the credit or buy something else.

    Accounts get limited all the time, fees are high, and people tend not to buy from people with low FB.
  10. Amazing haul, though! It's just a pity you won't be keeping it. Please take lots of pictures!
  11. I agree w/ Noshoepolish that selling on ebay looks easy. you have to deal w/ Paypal fees, listings fees, final value fees, etc. If you are planning on selling the bags that you don't want on ebay and you don't have a solid feedback as a seller, don't list all of them at once or your auctions might be pulled out. Start listing one bag or two at the most, wait to see if they sell and list the rest. I would personally return the ones that I don't want to keep at the store but if you decide to sell a few, pls research first on ebay how much the bags that you want to list ended up selling for and decide if it is worth giving it a try. You don't wanna loose $$$ on them but at least recoup what you paid for.
    Keep us posted !
  12. I couldn't agree more! I've tried ebay a few times when I wanted to sell my LV cherry blossom bags and I was lucky to break even. I just don't seem to have luck on there:sad:
  13. handbags are hard to sell on ebay if you don't have an established name in selling them on ebay. Since they are current season bags that are not in demand, you wont get what you paid.
  14. Thanks you guys, that is great info. I've sold only a few items over the last few months, but nothing at this price point. (I did sell my med Carly when it wouldn't stay on my shoulder and I did make a minimal profit.)

    I'll post pics when the order comes in. Thanks again...
  15. Noshoepolish: What do you mean "accounts get limited"?