My 10th Chanel (and last for a while!)

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  1. Ok, I just picked up my new bag! I needed a messenger for shopping and vacations!! Its so cute!! Here are pics!! Oh its the white cambon messenger bag with python CCs!!

  2. It's the perfect little hands free bag to run around town.
    You look HOT :smile:
    Congrats on your 10th Chanel.
  3. Its so small lol
  4. it's so cute!
  5. its very cute!! yeah we all say its the last one until we see something we have to have!! don't worry im the same!! :smile:
  6. It holds my wallet, digital camera, cell phone, key chain/cles and lipstick. That's pretty all my essentials when I go light. I dont like huge messenger bags because they dig into my shoulder. The other cambon messenger they had was too small. Oh it even has a compartment in the front flap so I can put my phone and keys there.
  7. Congrats on your new bag, it looks amazing on you
  8. It's adorable on you, Luccibag! And I don't think it's too small at all, in fact I'm just like you, very minimalistic when I'm running errands.
  9. Thanks. In that thread asking how many Chanel bags we had, I realized I had 9, so it only sounded fair I get one more to even it out! LOL.
  10. ohh I love it...I love the white w/ the python CCs! Congrat
  11. I love it ... it's cute, definitely perfect for a vacation!
  12. That is sooo HOT!! Do you pay a lot more for python? I dont know jack about Chanel except the Cambon is sooo HOT!
  13. I just saw that today at my NM! It was on sale at mine, were you able to score it on sale?
  14. Very cute and different looking!
  15. Yes! It was on sale at Neimans! 30%, then another 40%. I always liked the python. I have been looking for a nice small messenger style bag and I can't believe I scored a PYTHON!!:amazed: