My 100th post!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: I just realised that this is my 100th post:smile: ! I am always here reading, lurking or posting so I decided to post this milestone here! Just to say Hi! to everybody, to thanks Vlad for the wonderful forum! I love it here!!:love: :love: I have yet to buy any LV bags but I just love looking at everybody's bags old or new. They are all beautiful! I must have :drool: on thousands of bags amd wish someday I might get one. Maybe that day will come sooner!:smile:

    Happy posting all!
  2. Yeah! Congrats! Buy an LV soon!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats..keep on posting !!!! love to have ya here..
  4. 100 posts and NO LV?! Get moving girl! You must have some amazing willpower! We'll even help you decide on which bag! :graucho:
  5. Imagine that! I have joined tpf since May but I have so many expenses since then that LV takes the back seat! I've to pay for a vacation last june, hubby just replace my old car with a brand new car, my daughter just started braces, and I have to buy new washing machine! all in the space of 3 months! I guess I should be grateful with the brand new car! But my husband promised me that he will take a look at my Xmas list! I am to put an LV bag in there!
    I am just so excited to get an LV bag than having the new car! How sick is that???
  6. Awesome!!
  7. congratulations on reaching 100! i have 2 LV bags before reaching 600 posts. this forum is bad!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  8. Hi fellow Malaysian! At least you have 2! I love Sandra collection though! She has all the pieces I dreamt I could have!
  9. Here's hoping that you will have your first LV by the holidays!!! :smile:
  10. Congrats......keep em coming! :P
  11. What bag or bags are you thinking of asking Santa for? :graucho:
  12. Congrats and welcome
  13. Congrats!! I'm almost there too!!!! :wlae: :yahoo:
  14. awwww congrats dear :heart:
  15. I am not sure! I like so many bags! I am thinking of the bags in the mono line: speedy 25, Cite MM, the Alma , the papillon :confused1: the list is endless!!! I like the accessories too: the pochette wallet and the scarves! I have to make the final list or I will go :nuts: !!!!