My 1000th post! My LVs in action!


Feb 9, 2007
To mark my 1000th post, I thought I'd share a few photos of my recent trip home to SoCal. The highlight of my trip was acquiring a Speedy 25, which I've been wanting for the longest time, and I even posted a thread about it: Here are some photos of my new damier speedy in action, along with a couple of LV "action" shots I thought you might enjoy. :smile:

My speedy's first trip was to the Getty Museum in LA. Here she is in front of a fountain near the entrance.

At the Getty with DD, overlooking LA

Mini pochette and agenda enjoying a day at the beach (with my ivory Coach hobo, a great kick-around bag)

DD with mini pochette, for a day of shopping on Robertson Blvd. She filled it with candy and charms from Kitson Kids!

LVs in my carry-on luggage, for the trip back to Chicago. No way I'm checking in these babies!
Mar 9, 2008
Great pictures and congrats on your Damier Speedy!
btw: your DD looks soooo cute with the Mini Pochette.
(When I have a DD sometime... I'll give her my Mini Pochette, too! :heart:)