My $100 Bomber Jacket from (Pics)

  1. It's part of's Last Call Clearance. Originally $225, now $169 with another $69 off (after you add it to your cart). I hope it looks cute IRL. It arrives today. :tup:

  2. Cute!!!!
  3. Nice! Great deal..I love brown leather jackets :tup:
  4. That's a nice brown! Congrats!
  5. What a good deal! I love leather bomber jackets. Very rocker chic. :rochard:
  6. omg that's so cute! are there any left? please post up pictures...i might just buy it too! heh
  7. Thanks, ladies. It took me forever to get one. I am always late when it comes to trends.

    , they have medium and large sizes left.
    :yes: Here is the link.
  8. Oo great.. a medium! Thanks for the link!

    Please let us know how it fits and how it looks IRL when you receive it! Then I'll purchase it hehe...
  9. This one is also on sale for $100. Comes in tan and black.

  10. that bomber jacket looks really cute!
  11. that's an adorable jacket! what a great deal! i've been looking for something like that myself but have had no luck. i wish i lived in the states!
  12. congrats, can't wait to see how it looks on you, post pics when you get it.
  13. Gorgeous!!!