My 10 Bag Limit Collection (oops! there's 11!)

  1. Here is my current and ever revolving collection of handbags - I try to keep a limit of 10 bags at a time and currently have 11 - not counting accessories!:p

    I'll start with my Balenciaga's:

    Griege First
    White, Black & Blueberry City's

  2. Very nice, 10 bag limit, wow! I could never do it!
  3. the bbags are just gorgeous.. love the colors you got..
  4. nice nice
    love the colors
  5. love all your balenciagas!
    keep 'em comin ;)
  6. Great color choices!
  7. My Prada's

  8. Congratulations.
  9. My lone Louis Vuitton: BlackMulticolour Alma

  10. My one and only Fendi: Bag De Jour in Small size

  11. My Chanel Kelly :love:

  12. Chanel Black Lady Braid

  13. I give you credit for being able to do the 10 bag limit!
    great selection!

    I :heart: :heart: :heart: Your chanel bags!!
  14. and here is Number 11 :p
    I really did TRY and sell this one but no one bought it :shrugs:

  15. some accessories ...

    Chanel Cambon Wallet