My 1 year resolution!! :) my very first LV bag!!

  1. Hello :smile:

    Im new here and im a little younger then most people here...but i am an absolute handbag fan...I can name every lv bag,chanel,marc jacobs,dior gucci,balenciaga...i love them all.I went last year to europe and i found a speedy 25 and the seller told me it was a authentic handbag...and i DO know how a LV bag looks like(ive been to the LV boutique Many times) and it had a serial number..almost white handles,real leather and upside down lv's on the back,and its even had a REAL dust bag...i was sooo exited that i bought it for 300$...but soon after i went to the LV boutique and they told me that the bag i have was not a authentic LV,they felt sorry for me ...i told them the whole story,but next year im going to have my sweet sixteen im saving up for 500$ to buy myself a Lv parents cant realy afford to buy me one..just the pochette but im tired of that one,but i do work so i can buy it myself..But im not sure what i should buy...Im thinking the speedy 25..or papillon..but i went on eLuxury and fell in loveee with the white mc wapity**SIGH:drool:**so i wanted to know,has anybody from Canada bought the White wapity??and if soo how much did it cost total??

    So im counting the days till i FINALY get to buy my very first LV bag...with my own money :nuts::yahoo:
  2. aww its a sad story :sad: but a lesson you learned so keep saving and it makes it sooo worth while. I bought my first Vuitton in feb when i had just turned 17 and i saved up for it myself and it makes you fell so good buying it with your money. I recently got a Gucci with my wages the past month and although ive been skint for the rest of the month the gucci more than makes up for it and you just fell ontop of the world carrying round an auth bag that YOU bought. Makes all them working hours worthwhile.
  3. Coco - I think in the end you'll be happy that you saved up your own money and bought your own authentic LV, no matter how big or small. Everyone has to start somewhere. I didn't get my first LV until I was 48. I'm 48 now. It makes a difference when you work for something and achieve it on your own. JMHO

    Good luck to you.
  4. I just bought a damier speedy 30 with a months worth of work (I got paid minimum wage & I got a ton of taxes taken off my paycheck :cursing: also:sad: ). In no time you will save up enough for your new bag!. Just save,and wait!.
  5. Coco, I can't help you with the price of the wapity, but I recently bought a speedy (after the price decrease). It was $670 before taxes, but its listed as $620 on elux. With that conversion I think your wapity would be about $362 before tax.
  6. thanks guys:biggrin::biggrin: i cant wait to get mine!!!
  7. great to see another fellow gal work her way to some major bling! you're going to love that bag in an unexplained way, because you worked for it. as for which one,im no help because im not an lv fan (more of a chanel one) but i do like the speedys. good luck!
  8. Can't help you with the price, but I can tell you how happy I was when I bought my first LV this year in February. After being a grad student for way too many years, it was wonderful to finally buy something with my paychecks. Congrats for saving up the money. I love the 25, but the wapity is nice too. All depends what style you feel will be right for your needs.
  9. i just got my first chanel:yahoo: , granted it was whatever was left after the labor day sale and its a small envelope demi green summery type of bag lol, it took up a weeks paycheck of minimum wage (have to keep it if i do decide to declare my major medical affiliated, looks better in the long run). and also granted im still feverish and will probably want to hang myself from splurging on a coach watch, versace wallet, chanel bag, furla mini skinny type thing, and whatever else is in my closet, it just feels great that you paid for it yourself.. now i just need to hear that once im not sick again and can think sort of clearly lol.