My #1 toy was stolen


May 5, 2007
My car (black honda accord v6), was taken from the macys employee parking lot...
...I love how its my 3 day weekend...
Couldnt stand the last 10 mins of my work....
...Clock out...
i think i am walking to my car...but i get to it, and its a black civic...okay...i just forgot where i parked...
walked around, a girl from the shoes dept helped...called my bf to see if he was cleaning it or something, or my mom needed it...Nope...

about 24 hours later...911 calls.
they recovered it.

I was at the beach with my better i didnt go look at it.
my dad looked...
Cds, xm radio, marc jacobs sunnies, michael kors sunnies, toaster oven (i just bought the day before)


who knows what else...what a great way to start a relaxing weeked.

I still went to the beach.
...and bought something from the coach store.


Purse peace doesn’t exist.
Mar 22, 2007
OMG!!! Poor you hun! thank god you at least got ur car back. but for the rest...=( Don't let it ruin ur day, continue shopping =)


Craving LV
Feb 26, 2007
Bay Area, CA
I'm so sorry to hear this! What a bummer! Good for you for going to the beach and buying yourself a little something. Keep your chin up, sounds like you have a great attitude about "bumps in the road!"


May 18, 2007
Orange County, CA
:wtf: You deserved some retail therapy!!! Good thing you live by the beach! I love the beach. It makes me feel at peace.

And THANK GOD the police recovered your car. Very sad about the sunnies, cds, xm radio, and God knows what else... but at least you still have your car!!!

Wild Orchid

Feb 23, 2007
OMG!! *hugs* I hope everything goes okay with the insurance company and everything. I had a horrible experience a few years back. I had a black honda civic that had lot of aftermarket parts on it (I bought the car with all that stuff on it). Same thing happened to me, as in I walked out of my apartment and thought I just didnt remember where I parked. Some hours later it was found hotwired and running in some parking lot on donuts. I felt so violated! It was stripped and scratched up. I had to wait 3 months for the insurance co to work everything out. I didn't even want the car back. I'm glad you were able to at least go to the beach to help take your mind off of things. I'm so sorry though!:sad:
Nov 8, 2006
Awww that's horrible but i'm glad you managed to retrieve your car. i hope the police manage to find the thieves!!!

hope u had a good time on the beach and in the coach store =))))

and yep, see if the insurance can replace those sunnies. i'd die if my sunnies were stolen since it's hard for me to find sunnies that fit my face =P


Jan 2, 2007
Ouchies, I know that hurts, I'm sorry it happened to you :sad:

It happened to my sister just the other day. Her Mini Cooper was in a club parking lot, and some men attacked it. They tried to smash in all the windows, they tried to pry the roof off, pry the door open, but apparently they eventually got a window to break. They ripped the dash a part trying to get the XM radio out, ripped the glove compartment out, the display, everything. There were a couple pairs of designer sunglasses in the car plus an LV Speedy, but they ignored that stuff. Her car was completely wrecked, and it's been in the repair shop for two weeks now while they fix everything. She was crying on the phone to me, so I know how bad it sucks, and I'm sorry they did it to you :sad:


Living life...
Jun 16, 2006

That's horrible. I know - I have been through it. My first car was stolen on my birthday from my work parking lot. I had to deal with the same thing. Walking out thinking you forgot where you parked, then thinking someone you know borrowed it, then the horrible feeling knowing someone took it. In my case the people had the nerve to drill into my door locks in broad daylight and no one noticed. They found the car 3 days later sitting on cinder blocks. I had custom rims and a sound system all taken. Luckily they left all our personal belongings in the trunk.

It's good to hear that you were able to take a trip to the beach and get some Coach items. That usually helps take your mind off things. I hope all goes well with your insurance.