My 1,5 month old wallet got a rip!

  1. :tdown:

    I got this wallet a little over a month ago and o have always been very carefull with it and i just noticed this rip in it. I am going to the store today and i hope i get a new one because this is crazy
  2. IF you've had the wallet for one year and 5 months i doubt they will let u hav a new one. Btw, what wallet is it? Could u post pics?
  3. Yeah let's see some pics. I'm sure they'd be able to repair it for you.

  4. No, she said one month and a half ;)
    But Sabine, that's crazy! I'd go back to the store.
  5. I think it's 1 and a half month and if it's really a rip in the material it can only be replaced which would be quite expensive
  6. It would be replaced. I had a month old wallet get a tear in the card slot after TWO weeks. LV replaced it.
  7. Oh gosh .. sorry this happened. I'm sure they'll replace it being this new!
  8. i'm sorry that happen. what kind of wallet is it?
  9. Hope they'll replace it for you!
  10. Oops sorry guys lol i thot she meant one YEAR and 5 months haha
  11. Hmm.. when I purchase my Vuitton items, they have me fill in the card and say that there's a 2 year warranty on it. Why don't you bring it in ? Hopefully it's also applicable.
  12. Hey
  13. Hey guys, something went wrong i wasn't able to post pics so i hope it works now.

    It was really crowded in the store and after a while a girl i have never seen before and barely spoke dutch helped me. I showed her my pochette wallet and she said that they would repair it. I said i wanted a new wallet since it's almost new and i don't think this was something you could repair. She said that you can't return items that aren't new. Then i spoke to the manager and she luckily gave me a new wallet and said she had't seen such a thing before.

    So i have a perfect new wallet! :smile:
    louis port.jpg louis port 2.jpg louis port 3.jpg
  14. I'm glad it worked out for you!
  15. I'm glad you got a new one! A similar thing happened to me as well. My wallet got a rip in one of the card slots. There is no LV in my country so the next I went to LV in Paris (the same store where I bought the wallet) they exchanged it and said it was a defect. But now the new one has started to rip a little again and it can't be because of me as I have been VEEERY careful. So I guess next time I go there (in a few months) I'll have to go and ask what can be done.