My 06 marron leather is strangely thick !!!

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  1. anyone has any experience with bags which leather is unusually thick ? I just received my 06 marron olive brown city, gorgeous as it can be, but it's leather feels 2 times as thick as my 07 black city GGH ! 06 marron owners, any ideas and insights ?:confused1:
  2. Many of the 06's I own have fantastic thick leather or stunning silky leather
  3. Hey strangely thick is better than strangely thin! LOL :flowers:
  4. ^Totally agree! And I just love the 06 Marron color, it's gorgeous, your bag must be a dream!
  5. Yey! I don't see a lot of 06 Marron here, please post pics?:flowers:
  6. Heehee! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. I've had a few bags from f/w 06 and they all had really thick leather :yes:. I'd love to see pics of your marron city!

  8. ITA!! :yes: Enjoy it !!
  9. i'd like to see pics too !
  10. I promise I will post photos when I get back from vacation on Sunday !! I have been typing on my iPhone the whole time !! :tup::tup:
  11. Pics pics pics please (aww...have to wait until Sunday,lol)
  12. ^^^i'm totally agreed..Thick leather is awesome!!.Really want to see the pic as well.:yes:
  13. 06 bags are very underated IMO. I love the texture of thicker 06. Still kicking myself for selling 06 Black City, as my 05 and 07 are totally different animals. Love them both, but 2006 is special!!! Please post pictures of your marron. What a great color. I have 04 Marron Twiggy which is to die for..would love to see the contrast.
  14. i believe it was powderpuff100 who mentioned that 06 f/w leathers were very thick, like Bal heard the complaints of the 06 s/s bags and then over-compensated with the f/w batches.

    i like marron! i was deciding between this and mogano for my Work. i like the how the shorter handles look with a big body but i really do need to be hands-free, i'm too clumsy to be w/o this option. i don't have any issue with 06 leathers but i only have the s/s ones so far.p
  15. i have two 06 first, lilac and grey, they don't have a thick leather, but very nice and butter soft, lilac is silky, grey is distressed, i love both. maybe their leather is not thick because they are both first styles and the leather is thinner on smaller bags?