My ('06) Lilac City!

  1. Hi everyone! My city from Bal NY just came yesterday, and I think I’m in love!! :love: :love:

    I’ve always admired the lilac, but was turned off by the veiny-ness of the ones I’ve seen on ebay. Then I saw a Roo’s first, and became hopeful that I’d find one as nice as hers.
    I contacted Joseph, and asked if he can locate one that wasn’t too gray or distressed. He called back the next day and said he found one that he thought I’d like. I was pleased with the previous ones he got for me, so it didn’t take too much persuading on his end to get me to agree to buy it! :graucho:
    When the package came, the one thought that kept repeating in my head as I opened the box was, “Don’t let it be a cadaver bag!” (heard this term from Winona). Thank goodness it wasn’t! I loved the shade of lilac, and not too gray-looking at all!!
    I carried her today, and will probably do so for a while. My ink will be jealous!! Here are a couple of pics. The second one is more like the color IRL…
    100_1326_2.JPG 100_1343_2.JPG
  2. gorgeous gorgeous color~~~~, congrats!!!!!
  3. She's gorgeous Cate! I can't believe the texture on this leather - really nice:heart:
  4. You totally scored, GIRL!!!! WOOOOT!
  5. Thank you all!!
    I haven't put any apple guard on her yet, but will probably do the handles tomorrow...I hope it doesn't get too dirty too soon, so I plan to carry it by the shoulder strap a lot!

    ^Roo, I owe it all to you. If I hadn't seen your picture, it would have been a lost cause for me.
  6. The color is gorgeous:heart::heart: :love:
    Congrats on your new purchase! :yes:
  7. congrats thats a lovely color i thought lilac is pale but yours looks like rosy pink it look soo good :smile:
  8. She's gorgeous!!! I love the look of the leather. Joseph did a good job finding this for you. Congrats!
  9. Wow--I have not seen a lilac bag this good. All the lilacs I saw at Neimans were thin, veiny and sick looking. Your bag is so lovely! Joseph did a great job choosing this fine speciman!
  10. It seems to me that the Nieman balenciagas are particularly bad...I've been to other boutiques where the owner goes to europe on buying trips, and the bbags she has in her store seem a lot thicker and better quality...this bag looks luscious!! Congrats!!
  11. :whistle: :whistle: :love:
  12. wow that's perfect!!!
  13. First of all, congrats on your beautiful new bag, love the leather cate22!!

    But is there a difference? I read on this forum the leather of the 06 bags was thin, but mine (also lilac 06) is very thick (when I compare it with my 02, 03 or 05).
  14. Oh cate ..... CONGRATS :flowers: ! This '06 Lilac looks really GORGEOUS - the leather seems to be very smooth for a '06-seasons ?! Fantastic bag .... ENJOY it :love::heart:
  15. Gorgeous! I love the 06 lilac color & this is definitely the nicest one I've seen:love: Enjoy!! :flowers: