My 06' Leather is now 04' leather. You are gonna think Im nuts!!

  1. :shocked: Yes I went temporarily insane and it worked!!! O.K. you are not going to believe this! I actually made my 06' kind of veiny, sort of shiny leather, completely mat with no veins at all, :love: OMG, I seriously cant belive how it looks. You know how all of the SA's say with time and use they tend to loose that veiny shiny look, well I took it into my own hands, and yes, I twisted and turned the heck out of my ink city(first just a reall small area) and I am sooooooo freakin' impressed I did the entire bag like that!:roflmfao: I am sooooo going to post pics as soon as I can. You are not going to believe how it looks. Seriously just like the old leathers.:yes: :biggrin:
  2. wait, so no Apple Guard or conditioner or anything?? just "massaging" your INK to smoooooooshiness???

    Can't wait to see the before & after pix!!!
  3. I sware that is exactly what I did nothing at all except a good massage! I forgot to add, I held it next to my apple city and the leather is EXACTLY the same! I still cant believe it!!
  4. I can't wait to see pics!!!!
  5. WHOA.
    So maybe the SA's weren't just trying to sell the bags and it was just a measure against counterfeit afterall? Cooool.
  6. yep- i did it to my ink hobo as well... used apple lotion though whilst i did it... no veins at all now! i've not seen another ink that looks as good as mine IRL! i guess if you are fearless its a good option!!
  7. I just took my indigo twiggy out, its my very best one when it comes to soft smooshy, buttery leather, exact match!!!
  8. mocean, I think we have created a new legacy! This is way to awsome!:yes: :biggrin: :heart:
  9. alright stop stroking the flames!!! go take pics! i cant handle this much excitement! i just ate!

    *fainting smiley*
  10. AAhhh! I know Im dying! My DH has his dig. at work!
  11. noooooooooo :cry:

    you know, my friend bought a 05 choco city in like dec or something- and she was all complaining about how that one was even too shiny/veiny for her tastes.... i saw it last week- looks like an 04! i think we all like the vintage look to the leather and that takes a good bit of time to develop on the newer bags!
  12. oh are such a tease....cant wait to see pics......yahoooooo

    Its all about wear and tear....
  13. Wow! That's so cool! Cannot wait to see pics!
  14. I conditioned mine on the weekend with a good massage and it looks like you described it. So I did the same with my cornflower and it's just sooo gourgious now: no veins, no shine anymore. I'm just waiting for my apple garde to arrive to do it again. It's incredible that it is true that they get much better with use.
  15. Im so happy that any bbag I come in contact with will now look just like the old leathers in the new colors:biggrin: How cool is that?!:graucho: