My 06 Emerald Work has FINALLY arrived!!!! PLUS pics of my teeny collection!

  1. so..... I posted a poll last week about deciding between a work and a city.....I ended up getting both :shame: Thanks to everyone for your opinions.
    I love both sizes.

    I plan to carry her tomorrow, I love her and my Anthracity so much that I think I will have to switch off daily:yes: .

    Emerald green is so beautiful better than I could have imagined!!

    I've also included a pic of my small collection, I plan to add a day next...but it will be a while before I do that!:wlae:

    oh and I apologize in advance for all the pics...I got a little carried away:shame:
  2. All three pieces are pretty..I LOVE the greens..congrats!!
  3. they're all so gorgeous! :smile:
  4. GORGEOUS!!!! I especially love your little make-up! Congrats on your 2 new bags!
  5. Nice collection! I want to add a Work to my collection as well. CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  6. Love your collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: ESPECIALLY the emerald work!!!!!!:love: :love: :love: GAHHH~ it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!:heart:
  7. The emerald is a stunner! You have a wonderful little collection growing there. What colour day are you hoping to get?
  8. Oh, Jem, how beautiful! My Emerald City is coming today sometime... your pictures make me so excited for it! I also really want something in Vert Gazon and maybe a Work in Anthracite... you have superb taste! Congratulations on a real beauty.
  9. Sagranch- thank you so much. I didn't realize I bought so much green. :roflmfao:

    Pluiee- thank you!

    Cracker- thank you! the little makeup hold so much. its really awesome :heart:

    MRG- thank you. you should get it work, its fab!:yes:

    Zacorey-thank you!
  10. Nice collection, congrats.:yahoo:
  11. OMG, that last pic is especially :drool: :drool: :drool:....

    I love when people have a collection of the same color family. It makes for the most amazing pics!
  12. They're all so pretty, and I LOVE your bag charms. So cute.
  13. Great Collection - Your new work is gorgeous!!!!
  14. Love your collection! The Emerlad work is gorgeous. I love that color.

    Is that a Vert Gazon first? I just bought a Vert Gazon brief, love that shade of green! :yahoo:
  15. Gorgeous colors!!! :yes: