My 05 TURQUOISE is finally here!

  1. i have been waiting all day long for my bag to arrive, but later found my pkg left on my doorstep! :wtf: when the heck did ups arrive? :rant:

    anyhoo, here she is finally! smooshy, vibrant, and gorgeous. :love: it's TURQ 05 Day for me and BooYah! :yahoo: :happydance: :party:

  2. OMG odd!!! gorgeous!!!!:love: :yahoo:
  3. wow! it looks so slouchy and soft! congrats!!
  4. congrays im sooo jealous
  5. Congrats on the gorgeous b bag!! She looks divine!
  6. Congrats odd!!! She is beautiful :love:
  7. STUNNING!! So soft looking. WHY would they ever change their leather???

    My UPS or Fedex guy either hammers on my door or the dog hears him. USPS person creeps up and oh-so-silently opens the screen door and puts a notice on the door so I have to drive to the frinkin' PO. Grrr.

    Enjoy that beauty!!

  8. OMG odd, it's STUNNING!!!! turq 05 is my holy grail.... definitely TDF!!!! You're so lucky to get one :love: :love: :love: :yahoo:
  9. Odd, congrats! She's beautiful!!! 05 turquoise is just so amazing!
  10. odd, congrats on your turq city! :yahoo: wow, all these turqs poppin' up everywhere. i'm so jealous! yours and boo's are so beautiful.:love: by the way, i see that you're breaking out of your twiggy mold.;)
  11. Oh my that bag is luscious! Congratulations!
  12. Congratulations!! The turquoise is soooo beautiful especially in the city size! Enjoy!
  13. oh wow the bag is even more gorgeous then the pictures of it when it was being listed on ebay.Congrats on your new bag!!!!
  14. Congrats, odd! It's gorgeous! I love the leather on the '05 bags. So darn squishy!
  15. odd, what a beauty!! :love: :love:
    Congrats on your fabulous new turquiose! :yahoo: :nuts: