My 05 Turquoise City and New Family Photos!

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  1. :yahoo: :heart: :yahoo: :heart: Well the search was totally worth it! The 05 Turquoise City is just TDF! The seller was wonderful, and I got the bag the day after the auction ended. This baby is in absolutely "Brand New" condition, and worth every penny! I had to wait until the CA coastal fog cooperated for the pictures, but her she is, along with a new family photo, and of course the braid and gemstones I made for her. This braid is another one with geniune stones...London and Swiss Blue Topaz, and Blue Zircon set in 14kt white gold. Anyone who has been contemplating buying a 05 Turquoise bag, I would highly recommend going for it the next time one comes up!
    IMG_7721.jpg IMG_7725.jpg IMG_7728.jpg IMG_7731.jpg IMG_7658.jpg
  2. And here is my new family photo! 05's Turquoise, Magenta, Indigo, and Bubblegum Pink. And 04 Eggplant!
  3. GORGEOUS Deana!! :yahoo: She's like the big sister to my Turq05 First :p

    I love love love the gemstones you used, I think I'm going to end up going for those too :heart:
  4. :drool: !!!AMAZING!!!:drool:

    What a gorgeous bag. You and Powder can be Turq sisters now. Congratulations on having such a beautiful bbag family.:yahoo:
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I am so glad you got the turq! She looks absolutely brand new! As do all of your bags! There are a couple there I would love to have! :girlsigh: :heart:
  6. I love your photography! you can take my family portrait anyday, lol.

    That is a beautiful collection of City's! How do you make them all look so SMOOSHY?!?!?!
  7. gorgeous collection!!!! love the family portrait. so what's next?
  8. Beautiful!!:love: And I love the way you decorated your BBags- you are very gifted!Congrats!! :yes:
  9. Very nice collection of city bags Deanna.

    Just curious, but do you not use your shoulder straps?
  10. :shame:
    Thanks! Maybe I should start a photography studio just for B-bags!
    The main thing I do for my bags is moisturize them. They all seem to benefit from that no matter what their condition. And since the main reason the corners wear on b-bags is from dryness, I do it for that reason as well. They all are kept stuffed with t-shirts in their dustbags, and then in LV boxes in my closet (see avitar photo).

    I only use my shoulder straps when I am going out for a long day (usually shopping), as the handles fit on my shoulders!

    Your a bad girl Fayden! of right now, I don't have a "next" bag planned. I would love it if Bal came out with some vibrant colors like the 05's! I have never bought a new bag, and would love to experience it! I do love 06 Lilac and would love it in the Box style, but I am afraid I would get one that was too stiff and veiny!
  11. I love your collection!!! Congrats on the new turq city its beautiful!
  12. oo i love ... love that color!!!... congrats!
  13. OMG Deana :nuts: !!! I'm so happy for you :yahoo: !! It's a really fantastic bag - I also have it and I still LOOOOOVE it :heart: ! CONGRATS :flowers: thank you so much for sharing your whole AMAZING - BEAUTIFUL collection - it's just BREATHTAKING :drool: :love: :tender:
  14. Deana, you have a collection that is TDF! Congratulations on having such beautiful Bbags...
  15. Here's shoulder straps and mirrors!