my 05 rouge day hobo is being held hostage by campus mail!

  1. so you girls probably saw the thread where i won an ebay auction last week for a rouge day that a woman in scotland had - well, it's here! sort of. i had never ordered anything from overseas before, and i had figured that it would be ages before i recieved it, but it's been less than a week! i was on my way to my car for work, and on a whim i checked my mailbox, and my package notification with the tracking number on it was in there!

    usually, though, the package notification is just a slip of paper telling you to pick it up at the community desk, which is open 24 hours (i'm in college). this one though, was different - it was like a stiff card telling me that i had to go pick it up at the campus mail office because it was insured over a certain dollar amount. crap! this was around noon, and i was already running late for work - i had no time to go pick it up. campus mail closes at 4:30, so after work pickup was out of the question, since i didn't get off until 9:00.

    so now i have to wait until tomorrow morning to rescue my balenciaga from mail jail! i cannot wait! i've been searching for this bag for months and now it's less than a mile away from me and i can't have it :Push:

    care to commiserate, anyone? or help me break in to campus mail?
  2. geez, i feel for you amanda, it's gonna be a sleepless night :sad:...but you'll have something wonderful to look forward to tomorrow!!!
  3. packages at my undergrad institute used to be like that.. but only because they wouldn't fit into the mailboxes. you'd want to pull your hair out when you get a card over the weekends when they weren't giving packages out. :biggrin:
  4. ah! i hate it when they get stuck so close to you!

    ..just think tomorrow will come before you know it! what's one more day? ;)

    im so excited for you!
  5. it's dark out now, i bet they don't have cameras...i bet i could break in...
  6. oh i am so excited for you! Just a few more hours and it will be in your hands I am excited to see it so please post pics.:biggrin:
  7. oh i totally will, you best believe i'm going to be there at 7:30 tomorrow to pick it up as soon as they open. they don't know who they're dealing with here.
  8. go get 'em, amanda! scream until they give you your bag!:nuts: congrats, by the way. you must post pics. so, excited for you!:yahoo:
  9. oh amanda i know how you feel!!! i hate it when your b-bag is a prisoner... so close to coming home! i'm SO glad that you got a calling card... my poor white FIRST never got a card at all... i had to hunt her down... i'll be thinking of ya!!! ***hugs*** we'll all be waiting with you!!!!
  10. :devil: I could help if I was closer, I can bring my boron lock picks...
  11. ack!!! That's the pits! :cry: I'm sure you'll be wide awake at 7:30am going to get her! can't wait to see pix - I totally LOVE the 05 Rouge color!!!!:love:
  12. that is frustrating but you will have it in less than 12 hours. i am excited for you. you got a gorgeous color bag at a great price and in the style you were looking for. it is all good!

    and don't break in. if you want to go to law school, the arrest won't be looked upon favorably when you apply for the state bar.
  13. I'm so excited for you! Just think, the anticipation only makes it more delicious and yummy!!! I can't wait to see the pics!
  14. Ooooh! Congrats, amanda!!! Tomorrow will be like Christmas morning! I can't wait to see your gorgeous pics!!! :biggrin:
  15. I feel your pain...:shocked: its gonna be a long...night...