MY 05 choco paddy is here~*

  1. i finally received my chocolate paddy from 2005...
    the leather is just TDF....:love: :love: :love:
    very soft and pebble..its just so amazing...
    thanks for all of you who provide me the information on 05 leather...
    here's some picture for her.
    thanks for let me share my happiness. :yahoo:
    照片 095 (Medium).jpg 照片 096 (Medium).jpg 照片 097 (Medium).jpg 照片 098 (Medium).jpg 照片 102 (Medium).jpg
  2. few more picture...:rolleyes:

    blanc and choco sisters~*:P
    照片 123 (Medium).jpg 照片 104 (Medium).jpg 照片 103 (Medium).jpg 照片 113 (Medium).jpg 照片 119 (Medium).jpg
  3. Wow!! OMG that choco is TDF!!!:drool: You are so lucky to have found such a gorgeous one! And nice Blanc paddy sis:love: Enjoy your new bag, it's quite gorgeous! :flowers:
  4. Wow!! I love that color!! Congrats :yes:
  5. (sigh)....oh how I love 2005 chocolate. In my opinion 2005 chocolate is the most delicious of all the colors. It is so decadent. Makes me want to gobble it up!

  6. Chocolate is the best color Paddy IMO too. I love my new Paddy, but the Chocolate color is TDF. Maybe I can find one someday.
  7. phoebe your choco is AMAZING!!! The leather is TDF!! :drool: Congratulations!!!!! :yahoo: I esp love the pic with her sister blanc!! They look so cute together!! :love: Enjoy her!! :flowers:
  8. LG!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:!!!! First I want to say hi, second I want to say you are *gorgeous* in your avatar photo!!! :love: :heart: Are you still on your trip?? We miss you around here!!! :flowers:
  9. thank you BagBunny, missypoo and lordguinny. :lol:

    and especially thanks to Audrey, thank you for your suggestion on 05 choco... i really love the leather. it is so different than the 06...its softer then 06 IMO. :drool:

    thanks a lot!! ladies!! you all make my day :P
  10. yea, i forget to say...we all miss you LG....where have you been?

    and i love you picture...its so beautiful :love: :love:
  11. Was going to say the same thing LG, your new piccie is stunning :smile:

    Congrats on your gorgeous new paddy, its so gorgeous I could eat it up :biggrin:
  12. Gorgeous paddy! To repeat what everyone else has already said - I LOVE the 05 choco too!
  13. thanks for the compliments:P

    Actually, i took her to dinner tonight...
    all my friend and my bf love the blanc one better.....
    i feel kinda disappointted:Push:
  14. Hey Phoebe, I think your new bag is awesome. The leather is so pebbly.
  15. What a perfect pic of paddington bliss :girlsigh::tender: